David Hasselhoff walks round Edinburgh's streets in Partick Thistle top

It may be cheesy but '80s TV legend 'The Hoff' thinks Edinburgh is grate after he spent the day mooching through the streets of the Capital delighting cheese connoisseurs by popping into renowned shop IJ Mellis.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 7:34 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 1:48 am
David Hasselhoff in IJ Mellis. Pic: David Hasselhoff's Instagram
David Hasselhoff in IJ Mellis. Pic: David Hasselhoff's Instagram

The Knight Rider actor is appearing at Comic Con Scotland at the weekend and had pre-warned fans of his arrival on his Instagram, stating: “I’ll be signing autographs and rockin’ my Knight Rider jacket”.

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David Hasselhoff in Edinburgh ahead of Comic Con Scotland event

And on his arrival in the city he took in some of the sights including the castle while sporting his chosen Scottish team colours, Partick Thistle, ahead of an appearance at the weekend convention.

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David Hasselhoff in Edinburgh today. Pic: David Hasselhoff's Instagram

He posed for the iconic Circus Lane photograph with St Stephen’s Church in the background, captioned with: “Love Edinburgh - Come on the Jags!

“See you at Comicon Scotland at the EICC Saturday and Sunday “Don’t haggis the Hoff”

He is staying in the Nira Caledonia hotel “hanging out for a few days” and asked to be left alone until the convention kicks off. “Then don’t leave us alone, come down and see us at the convention because it’s going to be unbelievably fun,” he added on Instagram.