Edinburgh in full summer mode thanks to the Swamp Donkeys, Grease and all that jazz! – Cammy Day

Now that ‘Summer’ is finally here, many of us will have taken time to enjoy the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival, the Carnival and Mardi Gras, or one of its many fantastic performances.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 6:00 am
The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys are helping to create a carnival atmosphere in Edinburgh
The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys are helping to create a carnival atmosphere in Edinburgh

Having been lucky enough to experience the wonderful Davina and the Vagabonds, New Orleans Swamp Donkeys and Cat Loud, I’m really pleased to have seen the Jazz and Blues festival reach out and deliver programmes into our communities and we should encourage all of our festivals to do likewise.

As the city prepares itself for August, and to welcome the many thousands of tourists to our Capital city to enjoy all that is to offer, we should continue to press the Scottish Government to deliver the promised Transient Visitor Levy (tourist tax) to help sustain the city, our festivals and infrastructure.

We led a strong campaign for a tourist tax, and now it’s time to see the Scottish Government act on its budget promise.

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As well as celebrating Edinburgh as an international destination with visitors from across the world, we’re also celebrating the people who make Edinburgh – our citizens – as the People’s Story Museum marks its 30th year.

The People’s Story Museum first opened its doors in 1989, becoming one of the UK’s leading social history museums. At the time this new approach was ground breaking, this was to be a museum concerned with the lives and times of the ‘ordinary’ people of Edinburgh; the real people whose lives played out in our historical city.

It’s a special place and what makes the museum truly unique is that all of the displays are based around the words of Edinburgh’s people, taken from oral history reminiscences and written sources, all telling real stories. The collections include objects ranging from protest banners, different trades and materials relating to Edinburgh’s diverse communities.

The exhibition tells how original curators established the collection 30 years ago and brings the collection right up to date.

It’s FREE so, if you’ve never been before (or even if you have) what better time to pay a visit?

Council formally returns from recess on 1 August but, if you’re looking to get involved in local democracy, the opportunity is fast approaching with our community council elections.

Community Councils play a key part in our local communities, giving residents and community groups such as youth forums, parent councils and student bodies a chance to influence what happens in their area.

As a member you can get involved in a wide range of activities, comment on planning and licensing applications, take part in community campaigns and work with others to improve your area.

If you’re keen to get involved, the process begins on Monday 9 September when nominations open. To find out more, please visit the council website or email [email protected]

Finally, just before the summer recess, I had the absolute pleasure of spending one of my summer evenings attending Trinity Academy’s performance of Grease.

And it was amazing, a huge turnout and a fantastic show.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved!

We will now crack on with developing the plans for our New Trinity Academy.