Kevin Buckle: Red, blue or clear are my kind of colours for vinyl records

Last week saw the release of Welcome Strangers by Modern Studies. While their blurb says their music might best be described as 'kosmiche choral', I'll stick with chamber-pop. Signed to Fire Records and including Avalanche veterans Emily Scott and Rob St John, the album should build on the success of their first one.
Modern Studies new album Welcome Strangers is out nowModern Studies new album Welcome Strangers is out now
Modern Studies new album Welcome Strangers is out now

Meanwhile, out this week is a self-titled album from Tracyanne & Danny. While Danny, from the band Crybaby, will not be known to many Tracyanne Campbell is very well known indeed from singing with Camera Obscura who recently made Avalanche’s list of five best-selling bands of all time.

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Kevin Buckle: A one-stop-shop for all Scottish music

After the death of Camera Obscura’s keyboard player and backing vocalist Carey Lander in 2015 from a rare bone cancer, nobody was sure what would happen and it is good to see Tracyanne back making music. Fans won’t be disappointed and there is a lovely red vinyl with a bonus seven-inch in a gatefold sleeve only available from all good independent record shops.

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Those same good independent record shops will also exclusively have the new Chvrches album Love Is Dead on clear vinyl, while in a twist the regular version of the vinyl comes in blue. The Modern Studies album I should add just comes on black vinyl. What are they thinking!