TV choice: What happens when two worlds collide in ITV's Trauma...

Three-part psychological thriller Trauma centres on the lives of two fathers, Dan and Jon, whose lives collide when Dan's 15-year-old son Alex is stabbed and tragically dies in the trauma department attended by high-achieving consultant Jon Allerton.

John Simm plays Dan Bowker and Adrian Lester plays Jon Allerton.
John Simm plays Dan Bowker and Adrian Lester plays Jon Allerton.

Devastated, heartbroken and pushed to the edge, Dan believes Jon is responsible for Alex’s death. As he strives for what he believes is justice, Dan begins to unpick the very fabric of Jon’s life as his own unravels in the wake of Alex’s killing. Trauma is an intricate, fast-paced thriller that questions what makes a man good and explores what happens when the very institutions established to protect us and those who represent them, let us down.

The show stars Adrian Lester (Hustle, Undercover, London Spy) as family man Jon Allerton, a well-educated, confident and high achieving trauma surgeon. John Simm (State of Play, Exile, Prey) plays Dan Bowker, a factory manager struggling to cope as his life unravels around him. Episode 1 in brief

After a bad day at work, Dan Bowker arrives home drunk to discover that his 15-year-old son, Alex, has not come home and no one knows where he is. Meanwhile, trauma surgeon Jon Allerton is at home celebrating his birthday when, despite being off duty, he is called into work. Little to both know their lives collide and never be the same again...

Trauma runs from Monday to Wednesday on ITV at 9pm.