'We are not childminders' - Readers react to Midlothian parent pub watch plans

Readers have reacted angrily to new rules calling for licensed premises staff in Midlothian to watch the amount of alcohol being drunk by parents around children.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:42 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:54 pm
Mother assisting son in having food at restaurant
Mother assisting son in having food at restaurant

Parents who are out for a meal with their children will be watched by restaurant and pub staff under the new licensing controls.

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Midlothian pubs to monitor parents' drinking when with kids

As well as staff “monitoring the consumption and level of intoxication from alcohol of those in charge of children whilst on the premises”, the policy includes a ban on children and young people being allowed access to organised events, such as sporting events, where an alcohol licence is granted or “vertical drinking establishments”.

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Children will only be allowed into licensed premises where a meal is being eaten and they will have to stay at least one metre away from any bar in any licensed premises.

But many Evening news readers are less than pleased with the move.

One Facebook user, Greig Pow, said: "No! Bar staff have more than enough to do without playing nanny to parents."

Allan Macleod said: "I agree it’s up to the bartender to keep an eye open. But we are not child minders. Parents need to show responsibility as well."

Tracy Munro said: "There is a huge difference in having a glass or two of wine when out for dinner and taking your kids out with you when you're drinking to get drunk.

"To put more responsibility on bar staff is outrageous considering the majority only get paid minimum wage....and what is too much? It is the responsibility of the parents to safe guard their children and the majority do."

Roy McMillan said: "Nanny state in Scotland. Can't drink can't smoke can't eat sugar you can't smack the wee brats. Free country?"

Duggie Walker said: "No, if parents can't monitor themselves then they have a big problem."

But Paul Burgess said: "Quite right, in my opinion children shouldn't be allowed in pubs anyway."

Richard Graham: "Should not be drinking if got kids with u full stop."

John Whyte said: "The simplest answer is 'don't let children into pubs at all.' Alternatively tell parents that as they have a kid they are only getting soft drinks."