Giraffe About Town: endangered woodland creatures step out of the forest and into the city

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giraffe About Town project, which sees a herd of 42 majestic giraffes take a two-month residence in city streets, has now entered its fifth week.

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The partnership between Wild in Art and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), has brought colour to some of the city’s most popular locations to celebrate Edinburgh’s heritage and cultural diversity.

The unique art trail will run until August 29 before culminating in a farewell weekend in September, where the delightful sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

The beautiful sculpture depicts many endangered Scottish animals including a capercaillie and the Scottish wildcat.

For the next month we will introduce you these impressive creatures, their stories and where you can spot them.

Today we feature Endangered Scotland, which can be found in St Andrew Square.

This stunning sculpture depicts a collection of Scotland’s most beloved and recognisable animals – many of which are at risk, or indeed, already at the brink of extinction.

Endangered Scotland, illustrates the elusive capercaillie, a playful otter, red squirrels, and the famously endangered Scottish wildcat, among many more cherished species, who are all peacefully coexisting under the moonlight in a forest setting.

Adriana de Matos is an Edinburgh-based artist who takes inspiration from the beauty of Scottish wildlife.

Throughout the sculpture, colourful flora and fauna can be seen, bringing added depth to the masterful artwork.

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This beautiful design was created by Adriana de Matos, an Edinburgh-based artist who is originally from Portugal.

Since moving to Scotland, Adriana has taken inspiration from the beauty of Scottish wildlife - portraying birds, woodland animals and occasionally more exotic creatures too.

The Cairngorm Capital Foundation proudly sponsors Endangered Scotland

Adriana hopes that by bringing this sculpture into a busy space of the city, the public can have fun identifying all the painted animals whilst reflecting on how beautiful, fragile and precious they are, and the importance of protecting them.

Endangered Scotland is sponsored by the Cairngorm Capital Foundation, an organisation that seeks to protect and enhance the UK’s landscape by supporting nature and rewilding initiatives.

The foundation was launched last year by investment firm, Cairngorm Capital, and its partners to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they operate.

You can download the Giraffe About Town App to help you explore the trail and also be in with a chance to win prizes.

The app costs 89p with proceeds going to the RZSS.