Giraffe About Town: Jigsaw themed artwork puts wildlife conservation at centre piece on George Street

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giraffe About Town project has seen city residents and visitors flock to see the trendy herd of giraffes that emerged on the capital’s earlier in the month.

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In a partnership between Wild in Art and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), 42 extravagant giraffes have brought colour to some of the city’s most iconic locations to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

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The unique art trail will run until August 29 before culminating in a farewell weekend at Edinburgh Zoo in September.

Henry Fothergill is a Derbyshire-based writer and illustrator.

For the next month we will introduce you these impressive creatures, their story and where you can spot them.

Today we feature Puzzle Giraffe, which can be found on George Street.

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Puzzle Giraffe was inspired by the patterns found on a giraffe’s body and displays a simple colour shift pattern running over the sculpture.

The shapes that make up the sculpture’s design appear to look formal and structured at first glance but up close, visitors will realise that each puzzle piece is different, much like a fingerprint, reflecting a giraffe’s distinctive skin.

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Puzzle Giraffe was inspired by the patterns found on a giraffe’s body and uses a jigsaw puzzle theme to engage children with nature and wildlife conservation.

This quirky artwork is designed by Henry Fothergill, a Derbyshire-based writer and illustrator who likes to create fantastical worlds that feature real human stories.

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Henry uses traditional pen and ink techniques with watercolours and gouache, as well as digital colour, to produce a vivid, unique style - creating art that is somewhere between the bizarre, the haunting, the relatable and the adorable.

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This novel giraffe aims to capture a sense of a childlike whimsy by using puzzle piece-inspired tiles and bright warm colours and the artist hopes that the sculpture’s unique design will engage children to learn about nature and conservation.

Blyth & Blyth Consulting Engineers Ltd proudly sponsor Puzzle Giraffe
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Puzzle Giraffe is sponsored by Blyth & Blyth Consulting Engineers Ltd, a civil engineering company established in Edinburgh in 1848, who helped design several landmarks in the capital including North Bridge and Waverley Station.

You can download the Giraffe About Town App to help you explore the trail and also be in with a chance to win prizes.

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You can also add to the gallery of sculptures, vote for your favourite and track how far you have walked whilst doing the trail.

The app costs 89p with proceeds going to the RZSS.