Edinburgh Love Islander Jamie Clayton said goodbye to the villa last night - here’s what happened

Following a tense vote off with fellow islanders, and facing the public vote off, Jamie Clayton had a dramatic time in the Love Island villa last night (18 Feb).

By Rhona Shennan
Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 12:30 pm
It seems Jamie took to the parenting challenge more than Natalia (Photo: ITV)
It seems Jamie took to the parenting challenge more than Natalia (Photo: ITV)

This is everything he got up to before it was revealed which couples would be leaving the programme.

Voted by the islanders

Last night’s episode picked up where the previous one left off - just after the islanders had revealed their votes for who they thought were the least compatible couple.

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Jamie and Natalia picked up votes from every single couple, putting them at risk of being dumped from the island by public vote.

Sitting on the bean bag seats with Jamie, Natalia said that she did “understand the reasoning behind the votes”, but she was disappointed with her fellow Casa Amor girls that had voted for her and Jamie.

“Anybody can see that Luke and Demi met way before going into Casa Amor, and they didn’t give each other the time of day,” Natalia said. She questioned their supposed connection, asking, “Do they really, though”?

Callum and Molly joined the pair on the bean bags, asking how they were feeling.

Callum said, “It was nothing personal, by the way.”

After Callum brought up the fact that the final decision was now in the hands of the public, Natalia said, “I can’t be bothered.” She said she'd rather know today if she was going, rather than having it dragged out.

Molly tried to cheer Natalia up, calling her an “impatient little sausage”, but her attempts to lighten the mood fell flat.

Talking in the beach hut, Molly said, “I don’t think Natalia was too impressed that she got voted for quite a lot, especially by us girls who have been with her from the start. I don’t think she’s too happy at the moment.”

Back at the bean bag seats, Natalia was still talking about the votes, “I wouldn’t do that to any of my Casa Amor girls, and I got it from both of them. So it was a bit of a kick in the face really.”

With Molly being a Casa Amor girl, all she could say was, “It’s nothing personal at all.”

After all the islanders had gone to bed, Natalia chatted to Jamie in the dark, saying, “I’ve realised that I’m not going to find a boyfriend in here. So I feel like I’m kind of ready to go home.”

Jamie didn’t have much to say in response.

The baby challenge

The next morning, the islanders were awoken by a long standing fan favourite challenge - the baby dolls.

Some of the islanders were excited, running through to see the dolls. Others simply tried to go back to bed.

Natalia and Jamie were seen discussing names for their baby, with Jamie suggesting Voldemort.

Natalia said, “I mean maybe, he does kind of look like him.” She then suggested Voldy as a nickname.

Jamie said, “Voldy is an absolute legend.” To which Natalia said, “You can keep him then.”

Jess commented on how “chill” Voldy was, with Jamie saying, “He’s got no feelings, just like his mummy”. Natalia did not look impressed with that comment.

Sitting in the beach hut together, Natalia said, “I don’t trust him. I don’t trust the baby.”

Later in the day, Jamie’s parenting didn’t go quite to plan, with his buggy getting blown into the pool. The other islanders found this hilarious, as Jamie ran to the pool to try and rescue it.

Jamie and Natalia later had a conversation about whether they wanted kids in the future. Jamie asked if Natalia thought she could handle being a single mum, to which she replied that she “couldn’t hack it”. When she asked why he was asking her that, Jamie said that he felt like a single dad in the baby challenge.

“You need to bond and gel with our son,” Jamie joked, to which Natalia corrected, “Your son.”

Unsure about the relationship

Jamie was then seen joining some of the other boys on the bean bag seats. Mike said to Jamie that he’d noticed he’d been alone a lot today, indicating that Natalia hasn’t really been around.

Callum said, “She seems like a slow burn.”

Jamie replied, “She is, but this for me is a bit too slow. I think I know what I want and I don’t think she does. I don’t think she knows what she wants. I mean, you never know, after today she might like the fact that I’ve taken all the responsibility, she might hate the fact that I’ve done it, I don’t know.”

Later in the day, it was revealed that Jamie and Natalia failed the baby parenting challenge, along with a few other couples.

The public vote

Because the majority of the couples passed the baby challenge, the contestants were rewarded with a party in the villa. However it wasn’t long until Mike received a text saying that the islanders were to gather around the firepit, immediately.

All the islanders who received any votes from the previous episode were all vulnerable in the public vote.

Demi got a text explaining that the public had been voting to save their favourite couples. One by one, the couples who got the most votes were revealed as safe.

It was whittled down to Jamie and Natalia, Mike and Priscilla and Callum and Molly. In the end, Jamie and Natalia received the fewest votes from the public, and were therefore the latest couple to be evicted from the island.

After exiting the villa, Jamie and Natalia were seen talking to the cameras about what the future holds for them.

Jamie said, “My plan for me and Natalia would be to pick up exactly where we left off in the villa, see what happens.”

Natalia jumped in, saying, “I mean, we live like 20 minutes away from each other anyway.”

Jamie joked saying, “We’ll see how long it takes before she gets sick of me - until I get blocked.”

Natalia mimed blocking Jamie on her phone, laughing and saying, “Now!”

However, the episode didn’t end there - when Jamie and Natalia left after saying their quick goodbyes, the islanders were instructed to stay at the firepit.

It was then revealed that Callum and Molly and Mike and Priscilla were still vulnerable from being dumped from the island, with one more couple to be evicted from the island that same night.

The episode ended by explaining that who would go and who would stay would be decided by their fellow islanders.

Online reaction

The reaction from Love Island fans on Twitter last night appeared to be sympathetic towards Jamie, with many saying they didn’t like Natalia.

One user tweeted, “Natalia gets pissed off by getting voted least compatible couple and reacts by telling jamie she's not going to find a boyfriend and is ready to leave. He chose her when she said she liked him ?? Who else saw this coming”

“Poor Jamie didn't get much time to find a nice girl,” wrote another.

Someone tweeted, “Natalia should’ve gone like 2 weeks ago ? And Jamie deserved to stay more..”