Love Island First Look: What to expect on Love Island tonight, including Davide and Gemma's first date

With two new arrivals incoming, what else can we expect from tonight’s episode?

Love Island has released a sneak peek of what to expect in tonight’s episode, ranging from disagreements between bros and a saucy date for Gemma and Davide.

Ahead of the episode airing tonight, here’s what drama you can expect to watch unfold.

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Love Island First Look: Liam tells Gemma how he feels

Davide has chosen Gemma to couple up with leaving Liam single and vulnerable. Speaking in the Beach Hut, Gemma says: “Me and Davide are now a couple which I’m quite excited about. I’m really happy and I’m really looking forward to getting to know him a bit more and seeing where it goes.”

In the Beach Hut, Davide says: “I feel really happy with how things have been tonight. I’m now in a couple with Gemma and I’m really happy that she actually felt the same as me. I feel like there is something good between us.”

However, Gemma is keen to know how Liam is feeling following Davide’s shock decision. Speaking at the fire pit with Gemma, Liam says: “Tomorrow is a new day - I’ve got work to do!”

Gemma says: “Me being in a couple with him hasn’t changed how I feel about you. I still want to chat to you. It’s still early days. But I can imagine it’s not a nice situation to be in.”

Davide and Gemma are treated to the first date of the season. Photo: ITV / Love Island.

In answer, Liam replies: “You’re still at the top of my tree! I’ve got a good feeling about you. You are girlfriend material, the way you are and the way you carry yourself.”

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Love Island First Look: Luca questions Andrew’s loyalty as the pair vye for Tasha’s affections

Discussing where his head’s at Luca says: “There are five sexy girls in the Villa. One girl walks past and then another walks past. You end up with whiplash by the end of the day!”

The text announcing the bombshells gives Luca a bizarre expression. Photo: ITV / Love Island.
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Andrew is keen to know how Luca feels about Tasha. Speaking at the fire pit, Luca says: “She’s attractive. She pulled me for a chat.”

But that evening as the Islanders get ready for bed, Andrew suggests to Tasha that Luca isn’t keen on pursuing things with her.

The next day, Tasha and Luca have a chat and Tasha says: “What are your thoughts? Just be open and honest.” Luca replies: “I fancy you. There is no denying that. I want to keep getting to know you but sharing a bed with another person is so hard.”

“It’s a weird one isn’t it, because me and Andrew share a bed and we cuddle,” agrees Tasha. She then reveals how Andrew told her that Luca doesn’t have his sights set on her and Luca is left less than impressed.

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Andrew is playing a dangerous game, telling Tasha one thing and Luca another. Photo: ITV / Love Island.

Speaking with Paige in the kitchen, Luca says: “I’ve got to have a word with Andrew. He’s snaking me.”

Love Island First Look: Spice between Amber and Dami

Amber and Dami have been coupled up since day one but Amber is keen to get to know Dami better and see more of his fun side. Sparks are beginning to fly between the pair and in the evening as they both have a chat at the bar.

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Dami says to Amber: “You’ve been giving me eyes. I can see your eyes looking at me and I keep thinking, am I in trouble?”

Amber says: “You see me watching you! I’m intrigued by you. I’m trying to work out what you’re thinking.”

The couple then share their first kiss.

Love Island First Look: Davide and Gemma’s first date of the series

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The Islanders are relaxing in the garden when Gemma receives a text which reads: “Gemma and Davide, it’s time for your first date. Please get ready to leave the Villa. #SimplyTheZest #FirstDateVibes”

The pair head out of the Villa and arrive at a picturesque location for their date where they’ll be making their own lemonade. Talk soon turns to marriage, with Gemma revealing she wants four kids.

Davide later says: “I was sure about my decision. What about you?”

Gemma says: “With Liam I’ve told him that I’ll still have chats with him and get to know him a bit more. I also told him I have more of an initial attraction to you than I do for him. I do think you’re a nice genuine guy.”

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Love Island First Look: Inidyah wants more from Ikenna

Indiyah wants to get to know Ikenna better but is beginning to question their connection. Speaking to Ikenna, Indiyah says: “Is there a bit of awkward tension between us?”

“I am attracted to you,” he replies. “I just don’t feel like I need to force convos. I don’t want to be too pushy. I want to give you time.”

Indiyah says: “It’s early days still and I think we should spend more time getting to actually know each other.”

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Ikenna says: “I wouldn’t be speaking to you if I didn’t think there could be something there. I also don’t want you to feel that you can’t speak to other people.”

Indiyah says: “As it stands, I want to get to know you first before I speak to other people.”

Will Ikenna pull out all the stops to impress Indiyah?

Love Island First Look: Two new bombshells arrive at the Villa

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Of course, the arrivals that were teased in last night’s episode are also incoming. Luca receives a text, saying: “Boys, tonight two girls will enter the Villa. The public have been voting for which boys they should date. #MakeItADouble”

Afia and Ekin-Su settle in for their dates outside of the Villa. But who have the public decided the new arrivals will be dating tonight? Tune in at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub, and join our dedicated Facebook group for all the latest.