Edinburgh's Bellfield Brewery urges public to 'drink local' as small businesses hit by cost of living crisis

An Edinburgh brewery has asked the public to support local businesses or risk losing them completely.

Edinburgh’s Bellfield Brewery has launched a new campaign – ‘Think Local - Drink Local’ – to urge drinkers to shop locally. The brewery believes that if every adult in Edinburgh buys one pint or can of locally brewed beer once a month, they could help support hundreds of jobs in the Capital this winter.

Small breweries like Bellfield are facing tough times as prices for energy, CO2 and malt, and shipping and packaging rise. Some have been forced to close, due to the economic situation and stiff competition from international beer brands.

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To support local enterprises, Bellfield Brewery is using the 12 days before Christmas to promote many of the Edinburgh businesses they work with, via their social media channels. The campaign offers customers a ‘loyalty card’, which gives them £5 off their next purchase in the brewery Taproom in Abbeyhill if they get five stamps. The brewery is also offering free delivery on all beer orders to EH postcodes until the end of the year via their online store.

Keith Robertson, Head Brewer at Edinburgh's Bellfield Brewery launches 'Think Local Drink Local' campaign.

Speaking about the new campaign, Bellfield co-founder Alistair Brown urged people to buy local beer to support Edinburgh breweries - or risk losing them completely. He said: “We’re calling on beer drinkers in the city and across Scotland to buy beer from their local independent brewery, even if it’s just once a month, to help support jobs in local businesses - breweries, taprooms, pubs, bars and all our suppliers. And if you’re in a supermarket or bottle shop please choose beers from local, independent producers.

“We’re very proud of the work we do with local arts organisations, community groups and charities - we ourselves try to support other local businesses whenever we can.

“During the pandemic, lots of people changed their shopping habits and made a point of buying local. This made a massive difference to small businesses in the city and helped many of us to survive. Now we are once again asking people for their support.

“Our campaign Think Local - Drink Local is an easy - and, it could be said - enjoyable way to show your support and it could literally be a lifeline for small local businesses like ours this winter.”