Great British Bake Off 2022 winner: Peter Sawkins predicts tonight's bake off finale winner

Peter Sawkins has predicted who he thinks will win tonight’s Great British Bake Off final after winning the competition himself two years ago

Peter Sawkins is a 22-year-old finance student from Edinburgh who won The Great British Bake Off in 2020, securing the title as the youngest person – and first Scot – to receive the accolade as the nation's top baker.

At just 19, Peter entered the tent at peak pandemic times forming a ‘baking bubble’ where the star baker described the experience to be a “Butlins of baking”. For weeks, all 12 contestants shared a hotel together in Essex where they formed their ‘baking family’ and brought home-cooked comforts to our screens.

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Since the competition ended, Peter has been the centre of baking fame. From publishing two books to recently appearing as a celebrity guest on popular television show ‘The Weakest Link’ with Romesh Ranganathan. Now the star baker has predicted who he believes will win tonight’s Bake Off final after nostalgically watching the show himself for the past 12 weeks.

Peter Sawkins in his element; baking

Peter has predicted that “although Syabira is currently in red hot form, the many to be believed underdog of the final, Abdul, might just have the edge”. When pressed for why he thinks Abdul, Peter said: “he’s been incredibly consistent throughout the entire run and I think consistency often works well in Bake Off”.

Peter said: “He’s shown to be a very technically proficient and very consistent baker, which means I think he’ll have a very good shot.” This year's final contestants are: Abdul, 29 from London, Sandro, 30 from London and Syabira, 32 from London. The show's finale starts at 8pm tonight on Channel 4 where the winner will be announced as the 12 week competition comes to an end.