Jenners: look back at Edinburgh's Princes Street department store through the years

Can you remember a time where Jenners didn’t sit proudly on Princes Street?

Monday, 25th January 2021, 2:20 pm
Jenners in Princes Street, Edinburgh
Jenners in Princes Street, Edinburgh

With news that Jenners is set to leave its iconic spot in central Edinburgh after more than 180 years, let's take a look back at the department store over the years.

Singer Gracie Fields can be seen in the television lounge of Jenners with her friends Mrs Mary Davey and Miss Greta Beattie. Year: 1952
In honour of Queen Elizabeth II visiting Edinburgh, coronation decorations adorn the East End of Princes Street, including the famous department store. Year: 1953

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The hairdressers salon in Jenners could accommodate up to 10 clients. You can see three women here getting their hair done. Year: 1955
Here, you can see lantern style Edinburgh Festival decorations that have been hung up outside of Jenners on Princes Street. Year: 1957
It was announced that Jenners department store was to expand and take over the Royal Hotel in May. Year: 1960
The interior of Jenners has remained as recognisable as it is today as it was back in the ‘60s. Year: 1962
Children here are playing on a model of the Golden Arrow engine in Jenners in November - tinsel and Christmas decorations can be seen on the shelves. Year: 1965
Jenners has boasted the best Christmas decorations since it began trading - here you can see a 40 foot Christmas tree being delivered in November. Year: 1987
Jenners staff can be seen here as they gather around a cake to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the store trading. Year: 1988
Queen Elizabeth II can be seen here chatting with Fred Lonie at the Edinburgh crystal department of Jenners as she visits the 150th anniversary exhibition. Year: 1988
Shoppers can be seen here fighting to find the best deals at the Boxing Day Sales in the store. Year: 1992
The flags on the department store were lowered to half mast in order to honour the death of Princess Diana. Year: 1997
It’s clear to see that the incredible architecture of the exterior of the department store hasn’t changed throughout its time on Princes Street. Year: 1998
A Ferrari 465M is seen here being driven through the men's department to launch the stores Italian ‘La Dolce Vita’ promotion. Year: 2001
Jenners is famous for having some of the biggest and best Christmas decorations, including a 40 foot tree. Year: 2003
In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jenners department store was lit up pink for ‘Pinktober’. Year: 2012