Edinburgh retro: 23 great pictures show city life in Queen Street down the decades

Images of historic street include major renovations, protests outside the BBC – and a queue for bus passes

Edinburgh’s Queen Street is a broad, open thoroughfare with imposing buildings on one side and gardens on the other, giving a sense of space in the heart of the city.

Now a busy east-west traffic route after cars were removed from Princes Street, it has a long and distinguished history. It was named in honour of Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg, consort of George IIIi, and is recognised as the longest parade of 18th century architecture in Edinburgh.

It used to be home to the Mary Erskine School and the Edinburgh base of the BBC and is still graced by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and an array of prestigious organisations like the Royal College of Physicians.

This selection of pictures from our archives includes major renovations of some of these buildings, as well as protests outside the BBC and reminders of other things that have happened in the historic street.

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