Edinburgh pubs: Capital named most expensive place in Scotland for a pint - here's how much the average one costs

The city has been named the second-most expensive place in the whole of the UK to buy a beer, according to new research

By Jenna Macfarlane
Friday, 20th August 2021, 3:19 pm

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Edinburgh has been revealed as the most expensive place in Scotland to buy a pint, according to a new study.

Not only was it top north of the border, but the Capital is also the second-most expensive place in the whole of the UK to enjoy a beer.

The average price of a pint in the city is a whopping £4.40, compared to Inverness which has been named the cheapest on average in the UK as its beers cost around £3.10.

The average price of a pint in Edinburgh is a whopping £4.40 according to the study (Getty Images)

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Glasgow was also up there with the cheapest cities for a refreshing pint, with pubs charging £3.60 on average.

Edinburgh’s expensive beers means the Capital comes second only to London, where the average pint price is £4.50.

The research was carried out by holiday search engine Holidu.co.uk as it looked at popular city break destinations around the UK.

To determine where the most expensive place for a beer was, the holiday firm looked at pint prices in the top-rated pubs within 30 UK cities.

The researchers noted the price of a pint of the cheapest beer, as well as the prices of a pint of a popular brand like Heineken, and the amount for a dark beer like Guinness.

It then studied the cost of similar types of beer from a Wetherspoons branch in each city to capture both ends of the market.

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Edinburgh only Scottish city to be named in top 10 most expensive for a pint

This data allowed for Holidu to determine the average price of a pint in each city and to work out how much it would cost to purchase six beers and three beers in each location.

Unfortunately for keen beer drinkers in the Capital, Edinburgh was the only Scottish place to be named in the top 10 most expensive cities.

It was followed by Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton which also made the list.

Sarah Siddle, PR &SEO Manager for the UK market at Holidu.co.uk said: “Most strikingly we can see that in some cities you can buy two or even three pints of lager at a Wetherspoons pub for the price of a single pint at the top-rated pub.

"Although the brand of the cheapest lager on offer will not vary greatly across the UK, the price that someone has to pay for it will.

“As a result, we can see just how much more a tourist might expect to pay than someone who has a more intimate knowledge of a city.”

Johannes Siebers, CEO & Co-Founder of Holidu added: “We know that the price of a pint of beer is not the single most important factor when choosing a city to visit, but it is at least a good indication of the economics of each place.

"We hope that this is a light-hearted example for people to be able to see just how expensive, or inexpensive holiday destinations can be.”