New patisserie: Authentic desserts, pastries and birthday cakes made in Edinburgh and inspired by Greece

This fabulous new patisserie is bringing an indulgent taste of Greece to the streets of Edinburgh
Take your tastebuds on a trip to GreeceTake your tastebuds on a trip to Greece
Take your tastebuds on a trip to Greece

From traditional baklava and orange pie to classic Black Forest gateaux; sweet syrup-soaked brioches to stunning birthday cakes, this patisserie will not only make your mouth water, it will transport you to the Greece of your holidays and dreams.

These are classically-made, authentic desserts which use the best Scottish ingredients – including eggs and butter – combined with the skills, knowledge and uniquely Greek flavours and finishes to send your tastebuds to the turquoise seas and olive tree-covered mountains of Greece.

Meet Evi and Machi

A visit to this Edinburgh patisserie is like a mini-holidayA visit to this Edinburgh patisserie is like a mini-holiday
A visit to this Edinburgh patisserie is like a mini-holiday

The beaming smiles and passion with which Evi and Machi, who run the business between them, talk about the desserts they make and sell tell you all you need to know about this patisserie – it’s truly a labour of love.

Evi Bouliota is the pastry chef who creates these sumptuous delights, and has been doing so all her life. Brought up surrounded by this type of baking back in Greece in the 1970s she spent her formative years in and around the family’s three shops and has been involved in making these pastries, desserts and cakes since she was 12.

Machi Koukoutara, is also from Greece, and has 25 years of experience in hospitality and customer service. She takes care of the rest of the business as director and managing partner.

The pair left Greece behind to study in Edinburgh, but in the background it was always their ambition to open a patisserie. When the opportunity came to set up this little Slice of Greece in Morrison Street, Edinburgh – close to the Conference Centre, they grabbed the chance.

This patisserie is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the tastebudsThis patisserie is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the tastebuds
This patisserie is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the tastebuds

Scotland meets Greece

Both Evi and Machi had fallen in love with Edinburgh – Machi says Scottish people are like the Greeks, they smile, they’re friendly and they love a sweet treat!

And Evi has found she can source quality local ingredients which make her desserts, pastries and cakes not only look stunning but taste amazing too. “We only use good quality ingredients,” Machi explains. “The concept of the shop was we wanted to recreate the same experience as going to a patisserie in Greece.

“The success is in the way we make them. These are made in a traditional way; they are classic recipes, made as they would be made in Greece – that’s the secret that’s going to link the tastes with the memories.”

Take a trip to Greece right here in EdinburghTake a trip to Greece right here in Edinburgh
Take a trip to Greece right here in Edinburgh

Delicious desserts

Greek pastries are a popular and delicious treat with a coffee or on their own – filo pastry, layers of pistachio, sweet spices, syrup, honey and sometimes creamy fillings too. Slice of Greece has a range of these classic tray-baked Greek pastries which are proving popular as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, to take home or gift as presents, as well as for companies taking them away for meetings, business events.

There is also a wide range of popular deserts and cakes like Banoffee or Black Forest Gateau. You won’t find lots of coloured icing or frosting – these cakes look amazing, but they’re all about the quality of the baking, the moist cakes and the delicious ingredients. Birthday cakes are a big and growing side to the business too, and can be ordered for any special occasion.

They can even prepare a birthday cake on the same day that the booking is made!

There are also pot desserts – ideal to eat on the street, enjoying a little pot of heavenly puddings with chocolate ganache or sweet syrup.

What do you recommend?

If you want to try something different go for a dessert with mastiha in it.

Mastic gum – or mastiha in Greek – is a natural resin from a tree that only grows in the southern part of Chios, in Greece. It’s used to create a syrup.

Galaktoboureko is one of the patisserie’s most popular deserts or Politiko with Mastic syrup – which is a sweet brioche bread, covered with mastiha syrup and topped with cream.

Baklava cheesecake is another hugely popular choice and as the patisserie also serves delicious ice-cream customers can combine the two – like baklava with pistachio ice cream, or orange cake with vanilla.

Catering and conferences

Whether you want a special cake for a party, desserts for an event, or sweet treats for a meeting or conference Slice of Greece can happily cater – just get in touch with them to discuss your needs.

Find out more at, follow them on Facebook or see the mouthwatering photos on Instagram.

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