Edinburgh magnet fishermen haul Samurai sword and bullets from Union Canal

A magnet fishermen dragged up a “razor sharp” Japanese ceremonial sword and seven rifle bullets during an eventful fishing expedition at the weekend.

Eddie Wells was stunned when his magnet caught hold of the three foot sword with his first cast while out fishing at the Union Canal in Edinburgh.

And just minutes later fellow fisher John Robertson dragged out seven bullets from the murky depths of the capital waterway on Saturday afternoon.

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James Pearson, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, posted images of the found weaponry on the Magnet Fishers of Edinburgh social media following the finds.

He said: “A fantastic few hours at bullet bridge this morning in the white hot heat of Edinburgh

“Eddie’s first cast was a belter, a razor sharp sword - this thing was lethal. Then he got a laptop.”

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“John Robertson managed to win the bullet competition with seven bullets pulled out.”

James added the group were quick to hand in the sword and bullets into the nearby Wester Hailes police station.

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Magnet fisherman Eddie Wells With Japanese Sword

A Police Scotland spokesperson said : “We can confirm that a sword and ammunition was handed into Wester Hailes Police Station on Saturday, 13 August, 2022 after being recovered from Union Canal in Edinburgh.”

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In January, a city street was closed off by bomb disposal officers after magnet fishermen pulled out a handgun and what they believed to be a hand grenade from the Union Canal.

The 9mm handgun was taken away by officers for destruction and fortunately the suspected grenade was ruled to be harmless after it was x-rayed by military experts.

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Deadly haul: Seven large calibre bullets found in the Union Canal