Edinburgh rescue dogs: Canine pals Tommy and Milo are looking for their forever home at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Can you help Edinburgh Dog and Cat home find these rescue animals a new home?

By Rachael Davies
Friday, 24th September 2021, 3:14 pm

Lots of people adopted dogs in the pandemic, only to realise a pet didn't suit their lifestyle when the world opened back up. We’ve teamed up with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home to give those pets a new start and new home.

As we move into autumn, it’s the perfect time of year to get out and about on crisp morning walks. But to do that, you need a partner. Luckily enough, we’ve got two energetic dogs who would just love to join you. Can you help them find a forever home?

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Could you be the one to give Milo or Tommy a second chance? Photo: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.


Meet, Tommy, a one-year-old, male Rottweiler, who’s looking for an owner who has experience with his breed. He needs to be the only pet in a home without children under the age of 16. He would like a home with a secure and private garden which is not shared with neighbours.

Tommy is a sweet boy with a happy and outgoing nature. He is very loving and affectionate, and he loves getting cuddles or any type of fussing. He is a big boy who has no idea of his size, and he is very strong on the lead. He can be boisterous and vocal when he gets over excited, so does need to continue with his training, but he is a very clever boy who likes learning and would enjoy going along to training classes.

He loves playing with any type of toys and he loves his food, so treats always go down well. He is fine with other dogs when he is out but does not want to live with one. Tommy is an energetic boy who enjoys going for longer walks and likes enrichment to keep him stimulated. He is sure to make a fun addition to his new home.

Tommy has bundles of energy, so you can have fun with him all day long. Photo: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Do you think Tommy could be the perfect match for you? Contact Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.


Next up is a smaller pup, but with just as much love to give. Milo is a seven-year-old Jack Russel / PatterdaleTerrier cross and is looking for an experienced owner who can help him work on his socialisation skills. He needs to be the only pet in a home with a private garden, and he may suit living with high school-aged children.

Milo is a happy wee guy who is very affectionate. He likes having company, loves a cuddle, and would definitely enjoy having a lap to snuggle up on. He has lots of energy so he enjoys going for walks, especially down to the beach so he can have a paddle in the sea. He will need to continue to work on his dog reactivity with his new owner, as he has been working really hard on this issue with us and has even made a doggy friend who he is happy to walk with.

Tommy is looking for an owner experienced with his breed. Photo: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Do you think Milo could be the perfect match for you? Contact Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Here at the Edinburgh Evening News, we have teamed up with the charity to help rescue dogs like Fred and Nelson get the second chance they deserve.

This is part of a new series where we will showcase some adorable dogs who are in need of their forever home.

Handsome chap Milo is looking for a new start in his forever home. Photo: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Find out how you can help by visiting the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home website.

Milo loves to go down to the beach on his walks. Photo: Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.