All you need to know about protein powder and how it works with exercise and the gym

Myths surround the use of protein powders, but here’s the chance to learn how they fit in to a diet and fitness regime.This is paid for content, readers are encouraged to seek NHS advice before taking any supplements.

A new survey from the British sports nutrition brand SCI-MX found one in seven people in Edinburgh think protein powder isn’t suitable, or even safe, for women who want to have greater strength.

The research also found:

-      20% of those surveyed in Edinburgh believe consuming protein powder alone will make them stronger.

-      15% in the city think consuming protein powder will automatically make them bulk up

Busting the myths

Matt Durkin, an exercise and nutrition expert with SCI-MX, has worked to explore and explain the rights and wrongs of the public’s perception.

He said: “It’s worrying to see there are so many misconceptions when it comes to protein powders and supplements.

“It can be very confusing to understand how protein supplements work and what’s best for your own goals, so doing your research is really important. For anyone that is hoping to build muscle and strength, it’s crucial to have a high-protein diet. However, unless you pair it with exercise, you’re unlikely to build muscle.”

Matt Durkin

Bulking up involves massive calorie intake – as well as protein, according to over half (51%) of Edinburgh people quizzed. More than a quarter said they were not sure. 

Matt added: “There are many myths around protein powders automatically making people bulk up, and this is inaccurate. Bulking may mean different things to different people, but it is the muscle-gaining phase. Eating more calories than your normal diet with an increase in protein does play a key part in bulking; however, eating excessive calories daily can lead to unhealthy weight gain; there is a balance.

“The goal is to use the additional calories to build muscle, whilst performing regular strength training to stimulate muscle growth.”

Who are SCI-MX?

SCI-MX supply supplements and proteins to help people reach the level of fitness they aspire to. This can mean helping gain lean muscle mass or a pre-workout for body improvement, to simply staying healthy and fit. SCI-MX has many high quality sports nutrition supplements at competitive rates.

So if you are just getting in to a fitness-driven lifestyle or you want to improve the way you train, clicking on the SCI-MX website can help with invaluable advice.