TV star Jeremy Vine blasts motorists for breaching Edinburgh no-left-turn branding it 'ridiculous'

TV and Radio star Jeremy Vine has blasted motorists for breaching no-left turn off Leith Walk branding it ‘ridiculous’.

The broadcaster and journalist who hosts a popular BBC Radio 2 programme, as well as Channel 5 daily current affairs show, shared video footage from Twitter user Edward Tissiman of drivers making the turn onto London Road while pedestrians were crossing the road.

Several local councillors, police and residents have repeatedly raised concerns about drivers turning left or right onto London Road, off Leith Walk.

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Now one councillor is calling for drivers to have their licences revoked – and called the breaches ‘brazen’.

The junction has seen scores of drivers hit with fixed penalty noticesThe junction has seen scores of drivers hit with fixed penalty notices
The junction has seen scores of drivers hit with fixed penalty notices

Scores of drivers have been handed fixed penalties after flouting no-left-turn signs on another busy Leith Walk junction – next to a primary school.

It comes amid frustration from motorists about the limited number of left hand turns off Leith Walk, due to ongoing Tram construction works.

Mr Vine tweeted on Sunday (December 18): “This is completely lawless and ridiculous. You could get £10,000 fines in a day here — and they should. No left turn; these drivers are going when pedestrians have a green man to cross. Nuts.”

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One twitter user branded it ‘shocking’ to see motorists driving towards pedestrians ‘aggressively’.

But several locals defended the breach with some claiming it is becoming ‘impossible’ to get to the east from Leith Walk.

One woman replied: "This is completely ridiculous and I’m not excusing anyone who continues to turn left here, but I also wish the council would listen to people - it’s almost impossible to get to the east side now as all the previous left turns have been closed off the entire length of Leith Walk!”

Another man said: “not excusing this behaviour but for content this used to to a roundabout and turning left was allowed. The tram works have changed this road layout 3/4 times in as many weeks. Some drivers here just aren’t used to the lastest layout, others doing so knowingly to avoid a detour

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Community police officers have cracked down on breaches at Brunswick Road after complaints were made to Police and community councillors since the start of October. Police issued 35 FPNs were issued before the 14th November and a further 11 on the 14th itself which was a day of action.

Councillor Jack Caldwell previously called out ‘shameful’ drivers for dangerous driving after hearing from worried parents whose children attend Leith Walk Primary school.

Mr Caldwell has previously spotted 7 drivers illegally turning left into the green-man in just 10 minutes – with reports some only stopped ‘at the last minute’ as they approached the lollipop man.

Edinburgh Trams put up an extra sign after Mr Caldwell raised the alarm.

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Councillor Scott Arthur was at the London Road junction on Sunday. He told the Evening News: “I spent some time today observing traffic behaviour at this junction. Whilst I don't claim to be a perfect driver, some of what I saw was horrendous.

“Road layouts can always be reviewed and the police can improve enforcement, but what I saw today was brazen law breaking on the part of a minority of drivers who put their convenience before the safety of others. Their licences should be revoked.

“I have requested a further update on the junction tomorrow, and have asked that public safety is protected in the short-term whilst longer term options are considered.”