West Lothian crime: Drunk HGV driver caught by police in Livingston after blocking a lane on A801

Police in West Lothian arrested a HGV driver, who failed a breath test and was parked dangerously on a major road.

Officers from Livingston Road Police were called to the A801 in West Lothian to deal with a HGV, which was parked on the road.

The vehicle was blocking a lane and caused huge tailbacks.

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The driver was found inside the lorry cab by police.They underwent a breath alcohol test, which they failed, providing a roadside reading of 65μg.

The motorist was arrested by police, and later provided a reading of 48μg at the station.

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Police have reported the individual for being drunk in charge of a vehicle, as well as for parking in a dangerous position.

The legal limit for drivers in Scotland is 22 ug of alcohol in 100 ml of breath.

Road Policing Scotland officers from Livingston have reported a HGV driver, after they failed a breath alcohol test.

Being convicted of drink driving can result in a driving ban, a £5000 fine or imprisonment.