Dunbar power cut: Here are the postcode areas currently without electricity

Power has now been restored to homes in Dunbar where electricity was down.

By Anna Bryan
Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 12:07 pm

Homeowners and businesses in the East Lothian town were without electricity on Thursday morning – but power has now been restored.

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SP Energy Networks informed customers of the power cut on their website, writing: “We had no advance warning of the power cut and only became aware of it at 10:10am. Our control centre will attempt to reset the network remotely to restore power in stages, and we will also send our next available engineer to attend site.”

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“Our team will work to get your power back on as quickly and as safely as possible by 12:15pm.”

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

The postcodes affected were:

EH165JP, EH411ER, EH411GR, EH42, EH421AA, EH421AD, EH421AH, EH421AJ, EH421AL, EH421AN, EH421AW, EH421BB, EH421BF, EH421BL, EH421BN, EH421BP, EH421BQ, EH421BT, EH421BU, EH421BX, EH421BY, EH421BZ, EH421DA, EH421DB, EH421DD, EH421DE, EH421DF, EH421DG, EH421DH, EH421DJ, EH421DL, EH421DN, EH421DP, EH421DQ, EH421DR, EH421DS, EH421DT, EH421DU, EH421DW, EH421DX, EH421DY, EH421ED, EH421EE, EH421EG, EH421EH, EH421EL, EH421EN, EH421EP, EH421ER, EH421ES, EH421EW, EH421EX, EH421EY, EH421FT, EH421G, EH421GA, EH421GB, EH421GD, EH421GE, EH421GF, EH421GG, EH421GH, EH421GJ, EH421GL, EH421GN, EH421GQ, EH421GR, EH421GS, EH421GT, EH421GU, EH421GY, EH421GZ, EH421HA, EH421HB, EH421HD, EH421HE, EH421HF, EH421HG, EH421HJ, EH421HZ, EH421JA, EH421JB, EH421JD, EH421JE, EH421JF, EH421JG, EH421JH, EH421JJ, EH421JN, EH421JP, EH421JR, EH421JT, EH421JW, EH421JX, EH421JY, EH421JZ, EH421LA, EH421LB, EH421LD, EH421LE, EH421LF, EH421LG, EH421LJ, EH421LL, EH421LN, EH421LP, EH421LQ, EH421LR, EH421LS, EH421LT, EH421LW, EH421NA, EH421ND, EH421NE, EH421NF, EH421NG, EH421NH, EH421NJ, EH421NL, EH421NN, EH421NQ, EH421NW, EH421PH, EH421PJ, EH421PL, EH421PN, EH421PP, EH421PQ, EH421PR, EH421PS, EH421PT, EH421PU, EH421PW, EH421PX, EH421PY, EH421QF, EH421QG, EH421QJ, EH421QL, EH421QN, EH421QW, EH421RA, EH421RB, EH421RD, EH421RU, EH421RX, EH421TN, EH421TU, EH421UJ, EH421UX, EH421UZ, EH421WG, EH421WW, EH421XB, EH421YA, EH421YB, EH421YD, EH421YE, EH421YF, EH421YR, EH421YS

Postcode areas in Dunbar are currently without electricity, due to a power cut.