New Capital boot camp was inspired by pal’s tragic death

A FITNESS fanatic launching an elite boot camp to whip couch potatoes into shape was inspired to so by a pal’s cancer death.

Adam White is holding his first monthly class of Smash the Fat which promises members they will drop a clothes size in a month.

Morning classes begin as early as 6.30am and instead of using equipment members utilise a partner’s resistance to build muscle and burn off fat.

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The Tollcross 29-year-old set up the company after the death of a close friend and intends to donate takings from his first four weeks in business to a kids’ cancer charity.

He said the passing away of Gian Carlo Drueco, 29, a photographer, to colon cancer during the summer inspired him to quit working in a mundane job and run his own business.

Adam, who previously worked in tourism at Edinburgh Castle, had to force himself to get fit for his new role and says he dropped from weighing a flabby 21 stones to 17 with regular exercise.

Adam took on the Edinburgh franchise of the national Smash the Fat programme after Gian, who hailed from Toronto, passed away. He and his brother had met Gian while travelling in Canada and became close friends.

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They were devastated when he lost his battle with cancer but Adam said it spurred him on to launch his own business.

He said: “Even in hospital Gian was smiling. You wouldn’t think he had cancer at all, and he was one of those guys who made everyone smile.

“But it was a catalyst to get moving. I thought if it could happen to Gian, who was the same age as me, it could happen to anyone. I decided I’d had enough of working in pubs and thought it’s never a better time than now to start my own business.”

Smash the Fat involves an intensive three class per week programme over four weeks, with one class of 25 at Cross Combat in Tollcross in the morning and another of 25 at Edinburgh Academy Sports Centre in Inverleith in the evening.

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He charges £99 for the month although the first programme is only a donation of £20-£40 which goes to Cancer UK.

Adam is also qualified in nutrition and even offers to go shopping with clients should they wish.

He said: “The idea is we get them training as a class and together you get through the four weeks. We work as a team and encourage each other along the way.

“If they do the three classes per week, and stick to the nutrition, you are guaranteed to lose a clothes size – it’s science.

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“You have to burn 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat – I make sure you eat food that’s free of toxins and just enough to ensure you have enough energy.”

After initially getting in shape, the intention is for the graduates to continue the fitness regime at home, as no equipment is required.

Adam added: “We wanted to use the first month to do something for Children With Cancer UK. If we can raise enough money to help one or two kids get away on a trip for a few days, then we’ll have done a good job.”

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