Big up to the Torino for keeping prices down, food tasty and the smiles coming for free - Hayley Matthews

During the summer holidays I've loved taking the boys out for breakfast but my hunt for a good local cafe where the locals are making the food has been a challenge. We've not gone away this year again, so getting out for the occasional breakfast gives us a little holiday feel.

By Hayley Matthews
Saturday, 6th August 2022, 12:30 pm

It also means less mess, we're out of the house early and there's no time for electronics. On my breakfast ventures I've taken them to Morrisons, Wetherspoons, Greggs - you know, all the fancy spots that we can get to fairly quickly before they get too "hangry." However, I much prefer local than going to big chains and I always try to keep the local economy going in troubled times. So when a friend messaged me wanting to meet for breakfast at her new local, I happily accepted.

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You might be familiar with this place - The Torino bar and cafe that sits on the corner of Restalrig Road. Well, wow! I love the name of the cafe and also how great value it is in a time when prices are sky rocketing.

If you're in the Restalrig area and happen to venture out for a breakfast roll at The Torino, ask for the lovely Kerry and tell her I sent you. She'll make sure you get some extra tasty black pudding on an extra fluffy white roll and a steaming hot coffee for a reasonable price. You'll also get a smile for keeping your breakfast local - for free!

The Torino in Restalrig is Hayley Matthews' new favourite local - for all the right reasons. PIC: Contributed.