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An Edinburgh woman said she was left “shaking with fear” due to anti-abortion protesters outside a sexual health clinic.

Vera Farrer

How about they follow Jesus and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, not that these women are “sinners” . Not only going through trauma already they have to put up with this group of self-righteous hypocrites.

Kirsty Mary

These people really pestered me when I was pregnant and working near Chalmers Centre. They don’t even listen to the people they approach. Horrible tactics - no respect for others!

Lorraine Blyth

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Would this be allowed by demonstrators outside a drug or alcohol rehab clinic? Would it be allowed outside any other facility offering medical procedures? No, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t. But women and girls can be intimidated in this manner without much being done to stop it.

Valerie Forsyth

She's already made a difficult decision without these muppets harassing her!

Gaggatt Gaggatt

It should be legally banned - it's harassment. Life and wellbeing of women are way more important than someone's crazy religious beliefs.

Louise Dunn

People do have a right to protest. However, it seems to me that some have more rights than others. Let’s call this what it is - intimidation. It’s not okay.

Joan Robb

What do men know about being pregnant?

Lisa Donoghue

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This isn't protesting or prayer, this is intimidation, bullying and harassment. It should not be allowed.

William Wallace

We all have to make some huge decisions in life and that's our god-given right. Protesting against this should be a criminal offence and dealt with accordingly.

Diane Smith

Leave this to the women who in some cases have to make heartbreaking choices. And why are so many protesters men and middle aged women? If we don't do it in clinics there will be backstreet abortions again.

Shonagh Potter

Disgraceful, shocking and completely unacceptable!

Christine Douglas

People have a choice. If she proceeds are they going to help her look after a child?That’s a no, I’m sure.

Dale Stewart

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When they say they can help, are they offering financial support? Maybe some can’t afford child – just a thought.

Angela Tait

Pro-lifers only care about embryos. They never think about the lives of the mothers, orphans, foster children, the poor and abused kids whose parents didn’t want them. They just care about foetuses that they didn’t help to make, won’t help to raise, and won’t think twice about once they’re born. They should try putting the same energy into the living, breathing children that are suffering in this country.

Gavin Taylor

Picture of two men lecturing women about pregnancy. That sums up today's society.

Doctors surgery

Have you struggled to get a GP appointment recently?

Brenda Barclay

Yes it's awful. When you phone first thing in the morning you have to wait about 35 in line on average to get to speak to someone. I think it all depends what GP you go to, to be honest.

Steven Robertson

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No, I have been treated well and appropriately and see the GP when required.

Debbie Gray

It’s been like that for years. It’s to be expected when there’s a constant increase in housing estates being built but not the proportionate increase in infrastructure.

Lizz Rennie

No problem at all. Even during lockdowns I managed to always get a phone appointment and seen in person if required.

Graham Robinson

Struggling to get them to answer the phone. Despite them texting me that I need to arrange an appointment.

Ian Young

No, saw GP two hours after triage call.

David Wheeler

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It's been like that for most people, but long before Covid or lockdowns.

Graham Alexander

Can't be bothered any more. Mind you we've had urgent letters for our boosters. No thanks. How much has this cost?

Billy Brown

I’ve had my new doctor for two and a half years now, never met him yet, always a phone call two or three weeks later.

Diane Paton


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