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Shoppers could see empty shelves this Christmas as Tesco workers in Livingston vote to strike

Mark Fairbairn

No wanting to square up key workers with a wage rise – a clap will do! Sounds familiar. Tesco going skint ain’t gonna ruin my Xmas.

Craig Blair

Quite right, rise of the unions!

Mike Homewood

Pay the drivers/warehouse staff the rate they deserve, at least £14 p/h. They’ve kept the shops filled during the pandemic and the stores have made an absolute killing, so c’mon Tesco, play the game. Iceland did.

Grant Dickson

Don't you think retail staff have it bad enough at this time of year and only get one bloomin day off for it? Me and some of my colleagues do at least 10 miles a day just picking shopping for a below paltry £10 an hour. And yes, drivers do deserve more for all the lifting they do going up and down stairs in flats with groceries, not to mention the dark, unsociable hours in some dodgy areas.

Christopher A Jones

Only some drivers are going to strike, there is plenty of agency cover. A big company like Tesco have plans in place for this.

Dougie Mirren

Well done the workers....pointless getting a payrise below the rate of inflation.

David Dingo O'Connor

Everybody stop what you are doing and stock up on bread and milk ASAP.

Martin Cunningham

Glad I'm not in retail anymore.

Johnny Potts

Great advert for Tesco!

Muriel Patterson

Plenty of other shops – Aldi, Lidl, don’t have to shop in Tesco. I prefer Aldi to be honest.

Linda Wood

Plenty of other supermarkets to shop!

Peter Anderson

Support the Tesco staff.

School name

North Morningside locals have voted to name a new school currently being built in the area after the street on which it is located rather than city education pioneer Saroj Lal.

Johnny Mac

Quite a dull choice, but understandable.

Miles Medboe

Schooly McSchoolface not an option then?

Lisa Sibbald

The sensible choice.

Anna Mosspaul

Have they checked that they will not be offending someone by naming it this?

Nav Seem

Pretty bitter response from Mr Lal, and no thanks from him to the ones in the local community who did support his campaign.

Kenneth Harvey

It’s not over till the large person sings. Interesting to see what the committee decide. Remember, it was a survey, not a binding vote and when locals responded about Spaces for People the committee chose to ignore the majority view. Best to wait and see!

Amanda Forsyth

Critics perhaps misunderstand how entrenched Canaan Lane name is in local history. It's not just any old street.

Louise Wilson

Canaan Lane is an excellent choice. Synonymous with the area, no confusion with South Morningside Primary, and Saroj Lal means little or nothing to many people. Edinburgh's non denominational primary schools have, with a handful of exceptions, tended to be named geographically. Canaan Lane sounds nice, and most people would instantly know where it is.

Colin Gilbert

Named after a place in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, northwestern Jordan and some western areas of Syria, thousands of miles away. Did local people go there or arrive from there or something? Actually, no. You can read the history if you care, but suffice to say "Canaan" is just a name in this context. It has no real meaning to 99 per cent of locals other than "it's the name of that street"!

Downing Street party

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has said he was not invited to a Christmas party in Downing Street at the centre of controversy

Mark Welsh

Yip. Not even important / relevant enough.

Sally-ann Harris

Spared snogging Therese Coffey under the mistletoe!

David Barr

Why would you invite charisma bypass Jack? Interesting he didn’t deny it happened at the I’m alright Jack party headquarters.

Graham McLeod

Just as invisible in his constituency!

Iain Brough

“Not invited” there must have been an event.

Gregor Armstrong

Perhaps because most people have forgotten who he is.