Dry January 2023 - your views online

How going dry for 31 days can lead to long term health benefits for casual tipple drinkers

Euan Cunningham

Not, perhaps, this time round, the best month to do this. Licensed trade facing its biggest challenge ever…

Michelle A Mead

Sad that people don't make the distinction between drinking alcohol and being drunk.

Craig Sutherland

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I'll be doing dry January. Only because I'll have just finished "Can't remember December"!

Allan Brooks

Daft idea, especially for Scots. It would mean you can't have a drink to see in the New Year, then there's Burns Night. Maybe dry February (it's a short month!)

Jan Hunter

I always do dry January, it lets my liver recover from December excesses!

Trefor Williams

Just what the pubs need.

Martin Bunting

31 days? oh, sorry I read that wrong! I thought it said 31 minutes.

Darren Priestley

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New Year’s Day is a day of celebration and a good bevvy, then we have the footy on January 2 – pretty much goosed every year.

Amanda Huggan

Don't drink alcohol, so I wish people well with this.

William Orr

Wonderful! Pubs and clubs have had a hard time over the last two years - let’s have a dry January to help them out.

Paul Brydon

No, January is the pits.

Farm fears

Gorgie Farm is set to close over ‘significant financial challenges’

Louise Wilson

It’s really sad. I worked there when I was younger as a young farmer. I also worked as a nanny and would go regularly. We went with my youngest daughter and we’re a bit saddened with it now. There really was not a lot to see or do. A lot of the magic has gone. I do agree if you do the cafe up that would really help. We were at a soft play this morning and it’s the cafe that keeps us going back there. The play area needs to be done up too.

Lisa Smith

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Sad to hear, as I have visited many times through the years. Hopefully the cash can be raised and they will be safe; if not, hope all the animals can find loving homes to move on to. Sad for all the staff too; must be difficult and a worrying time – all the best to them.

Diane Bell

There’s little to see/do there nowadays, sadly. A bit of an upgrade and a smallish charge for entry would certainly help but it needs to be run as a business.

Mica Koehlmos

The biggest problem is the very basic cafe…fix that and the yummy mummy brigade will come in and spend money.

Colin Spence

How about getting some money from the cycle lanes, then give it to the farm. Then money well spent.

Stephanie Wilson

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My kids and I loved this place. I always thought they should have charged more.

Kyle Danko

Happens every year, the place sadly isn't viable - put it out of its misery.

Vicky Scanlin

The council want the land for student accommodation. Let's not give them it. The farm is needed by so many children.

Charlie Craig

As a farm worker there I can’t express how devastating this news is.

Martin Brownlee

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There must be a long term solution, it’s an invaluable part of the communit. Big businesses in the area and CEC should do everything they can to support the farm, make it a hub for the community.

Tony Maverick Henry

I'll take an alpaca if they're up for grabs!

Peter Anderson

Everything should be shut down and nobody or any business should ask for money for homeless people, care homes, schools, roads, lighting etc, so the council can increase their percentage into the tram project! You know it makes sense.

Edinburgh trams

Free travel for under-22s and over-60s should be funded by Scottish Government, says Lothian Tory MSP

Robert Howlieson

The council should just stop funding it for the trams. A waste of money that could be used for other priorities. After all, they can use a bus.

Julie Starr

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The kids love it. They now have a warm dry place to hang out in the evenings rather than parks. Obviously groups of them terrorising people on the bus…it’s a new pastime.

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