Edinburgh Airport delays expec- your views online

An Edinburgh Airport boss has warned that staff may struggle to cope this summer as the number of passengers catching flights is set to treble.

Marion Thomson

Jesus, are they never happy? Last year they were mumping it was so quiet they were in danger of going out of business!

Ross Brown

I wonder if they’ll open more than two security lanes.

James Lindsay

Maybe they shouldn't have sacked all the staff during Covid then.

Gus Stewart

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Does this clown do irony? Spent two years at least blaming everybody except himself for the airport being quiet...now it's due to get busy he can't organise for enough staff to make it run smoothly. Wonder who gets the blame this time?

Keith Tait

So do they have the intended numbers or are they simply living in hope, now that many families struggle to buy food, let alone flights?

Graham Reid

“Disruption due to staffing shortages”, says the guy who binned half his workforce.

Brian J Smith

I wonder if they thought of the re-employment option for all the folks who got binned over lockdown.

William Wood

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Let's hope they don't bring in flights filled with Covid, although that's highly unlikely.

Stevie Cumming

Now £4 to simply drop someone off. Truly disgraceful.

Martin Davies

Well, you knew the foot traffic was due to increase and you've had enough time to map that increase and scale your staffing levels back up, together with refresher training, and you already know the extra processing that has been in place now for how many months. So just exactly which middle and senior management aren't up to their jobs to have to put out this pathetic pre-excuse for not doing your jobs properly? You've had two years-plus to plan for this time and you’ve clearly done nothing!

Seán F Ó Dúláin

That’s what happens when you outsource most things, with folk on s****y contracts/low rates of pay.

Fiona McCaig

I went through Edinburgh airport on Monday morning. It was a shambles getting through security, they only had two lanes open in a busy airport – thought I was going to miss my flight.

Kevin Millar

So basically, back to normal before Covid.

Graham Gray

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It’s bad enough taxis having to pay to drop off and pick up - they should be free.

Serena Valori

Are they sure? Prices from Edinburgh are crazy. I found much much cheaper if going down to London by train and flying from there.

Eddie Notman

Employ more staff. He has been moaning for two years because no one was using the airport. They haven't even got the bus service running from the long stay car park, you have to walk.

Ian Stewart

Well, put plans for action in place now to cope with it!

Lorraine McGrorty

Valued your colleagues? Ha, ha, nice one Gordon. Hell mend you now, as no one will want your underpaid and undervalued jobs.

Eric Wind

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Maybe if you paid proper wages then staff would stay. Having came close to the security staff, it’s a joke what they are paid for front line security positions.

Brad Bonthrone

Every time we go through security we always get someone in the line saying they need to get past as they are going to miss their flight or asking the staff to get to the start of the line. I always tell them they should have left earlier, as there is normally a big line of passengers or you end up getting stopped and searched or told to take off your shoes and belts and this slows down the process. Why not tell everyone when they get to the line what they need to take out of their bags and what clothes they need to take off?

Lockdown parties

Boris Johnson did not intentionally mislead Parliament, says Dominic Raab

Lorraine Blyth

Boris lied! Raab is lying! It cannot possibly be one set of rules for the public and no rules for them.

Norma Henderson

It's time Boris and his cronies were chucked out.

Alastair Moir

It shows how little the Tories believe in honesty!

Schan Doogan

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The irony is that the SNP politician was asked to leave the house for telling the truth when he called Boris out for lying.

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