Edinburgh pubs have branded opening hours during Euro 2020 as 'unworkable'. Should they be allowed to open later?  - your views online

"Perhaps they should be allowed to open later but have a cut off time for entry?”

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 7:00 am
Friends watching football in the pub
Friends watching football in the pub

Beer and football

Edinburgh pubs have branded opening hours during Euro 2020 as 'unworkable'. Should they be allowed to open later?

Morris Stuart

If they're letting 6000 people gather in one place to get drunk in Glasgow, then let pubs recover a bit of money. We're all getting snibbed again in a few weeks - go out in style.

Richard O'Donnell

One rule for one, different rule for everyone else! Why should special privileges be given, with football as the reason/excuse? Nonsense! Either it’s OK for all reasons or it’s not.

Lizz Rennie

For indoors, even if Edinburgh was in Level 1, they would have to close at 11pm, in Level 2 it's 10.30pm. Your outside only premises shuts at the time stated on your outside premises license, which is issued by your local authority.

Blodwin Farquhar

Of course we should be open later. I won't throw out customers. There won't be drinks on the table but they can stay if there’s extra time.

Gavin O'Neill

Should be open, till end of the game plus 15 minutes!

Tricia Wootten

No. Football has had enough privileges throughout the pandemic.

Bob Miller

Perhaps they should be allowed to open later but have a cut off time for entry?

Kieran Cullen

Probably best to keep the pubs closed and let loads of people continue being alive.

Lorraine Blyth

Why? Do people REALLY need alcohol to watch football?

Stuart Young

Who cares, what difference does it make to anything? Leave them open 24 hours a day.

William Crawford

Why not? We'll all be back in lockdown when the Euros are over anyway.

Dawn Simpson Kirkland

If the pubs are open anyway, I don’t see a problem being open a bit later.

Atholl Cunningham

Should be open as per their licence in my opinion.

Kevin Somerville

It's nonsense. Does Covid get angry if people are in pubs after a certain time?

Parker Stewart

Open later for Scotland matches only – sounds reasonable.

Natasha Duffy

Makes no difference closing early. They say it’s because when people have a few they don’t socially distance. Hello! people can go early and getdrunk so what’s the point? Businesses are losing out, let’s get back to normal – the vaccines are rolling out.

Gordon Quinn

Yes – what is the difference for one hour more?

Martin Walker

I'm not football fan but it would be ludicrous if pubs were expected to punt people out before a match had finished!

Gus Stewart

Games on council telly, so just keep things as they are.

David Nisbet

I remember the famous Dennis Taylor snooker final when it went to 17-17. We refused to leave the pub till the final was over. Barman gave in and opened tabs so time of drink served would show up the next day.

Jim Watt

The way this Indian variant is going we will all be up the totem pole, never mind watching football in the pub.

Eddie Notman

The way the rates are going up, the pubs will be closing in Edinburgh.

Ian Munro

Let pubs open as long as they want, they've been closed long enough. If you don't want to go, nobody is forcing you, but let the rest of us enjoy it.

Derry Delboy Livingstone

They can open as late as their licence allows! These early shut downs are only guidelines, they ain’t law! Pubs are terrified to open normal hours but governments continue to fly planes in from India.

John Hunter

They should opening later even without Euro 2020.

Rui Moritz

The problem is not in the closing hours but in people's attitudes!

Yvonne Inglis

No I don't think they should allowed to open later just because of football. It's just a stupid idea.

Martin Gage

Scotland only have two late kick offs and will be eliminated on second match day anyway and that game will be over by 10.30pm, so it’s not an issue.

Lynne Logan

Why are people blaming pubs for the virus? Four-five high schools are full of Covid and primary schools also. Do these kids drink in pubs? NO, so stop blaming the pubs.