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Edinburgh funeral directors William Purves removed its company logo from the Queen’s hearse en route from Balmoral

Raindrops run down the window of the Royal Hearse as it departs, carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II
Raindrops run down the window of the Royal Hearse as it departs, carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

Margaret Ann Davidson

A massive well done to your company. You did a significant and professional role with total respect. For the sign on the car, that did not matter, it was who you were carrying that mattered. Our Queen Elizabeth would have been so proud of you all.

Jean Brown

Well done to the drivers of all the cars that brought the Queen back from Balmoral to Edinburgh so gracefully. done.

Heather Miller

Your company played a significant and professional role over the last few days for the country. Total respect.

Elizabeth Anderson

Well done to your drivers, they did a tremendous job over the past few days.

June Armstrong

Good enough for both my parents and also good enuf for HRH! They did an excellent job without a hitch, made scotland proud.

Charlotte Sword

Wonderful company, attention to detail and service amazing ,carried out with such dignity.

Carolyn Taylor

What a marvellous job your drivers did. Such beautiful cars.

Christine Carson

Loved the sign. Very equalising. Same company that buried my father.

Susannah Cameron

I was surprised to see the sign, but well done with your sensitive and respectful service.

Susan Randall

Could have been worse, it could have said Arnold Clark!

Geordie Robbie

It doesn’t matter to me. The company has done an amazing job on the Queen’s final journey.

Alison Gray

I honestly wouldn’t worry about such a minor detail. You were amazing.

John Thomson

My dad used to be a driver for Williams Purves about 15 years ago – excellent funeral directors.

Norrma Tait Anderssen

They did a fabulous job. Why shouldn’t they have the hearse branded? Business is business.

Edinburgh florist

Edinburgh florist Thomas Maxwell has described the honour of being asked to arrange flowers for the Queen’s thanksgiving service at St Giles’ Cathedral

Jenny Mollison

I've heard at first hand how lovely they were.

Hilz Mac

Always creates beautiful floral arrangements. Provided the flowers for my dad's funeral.

Tricia Wells

A lovely man and a very talented florist.

James Logan

I always remember your beautiful displays at the National Gallery of Scotland. Fantastic.

Stephen MacGregor

Congratulations Thomas. What an honour. Thank you.

Dot Bradbury

Your flowers were amazing as always. What an honour to be invited to the Queen’s funeral, such a lovely lady, sadly missed.

Jacqui Hood

He used to do flowers for me from my husband, they were always gorgeous. Think they have always been florist for Holyrood Palace.

Frances Anderson

Well Done Mr Maxwell your flowers / arrange-ments are always wonderful.


Queen’s death unlikely to change support for Scottish independence says Professor Sir John Curtice

Bryon Adamson

She was the glue sticking the UK together, or so I've read. King Charles hasn't anything like the connection the Queen had, as evidenced by her desire to be at Balmoral, so I think only time will tell. But it's not looking good, UK.

Jimmy Walker

If the vote remains the same as 2014, Scotland will remain in the UK. But will the SNP accept it? I think not, they will want an other referendum, that's for sure.

Ronnie Murphy

The Scottish people loved and respected Queen Elizabeth, King Charles not so much if at all.

Fiona Ogilvie Taylor

I think we all saw the silent majority coming out to pay their respects to the Queen, so I firmly think the Union is even more secure now than before her passing. The Scots paying tribute are certainly not going to try to break up the land that she loved.

David Maclennan

Plus, how many countries was the Queen, and now Charles, head of state in?