Readers' letters: Scots are being hoodwinked

So the answer to the existential constitutional question “How does Scotland exit from the GB Union in the event that a majority of Scots so decide?” is, according to GB politicians, blah blah.

It suits their purpose not to answer this question because they understand the consequences. That’s democracy in action in our ‘voluntary union’ or ‘family of nations’.

Scots know they are being hoodwinked here. The sovereignty of Scots is enshrined in the 1707 Act of Union between England and Scotland, and the so-called Supreme Court (only established in 2005 and with no power to change law) cannot undo this legal fact.

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In Scotland sovereignty lies with the people, unlike in England, where it rests with the Westminster parliament). The recent Supreme Court ruling is anglo-centric, a breach of the Treaty of Union and therefore illegal.

The Scottish people (not parliamentarians or lawyers) will decide the democratic course of action to exit this abusive GB union in due course.

The British establish-ment may well say “no” (for now), but it is not in their gift to decide on the matter when the Scots people and civic Scotland collectively say “yes”.

Mr D Jamieson, Dunbar.

Feel the fear and vote for independence

Fear has always played a major role in keeping the masses under control.

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If we abolish the monarchy we will become a dictatorship; if we campaign for proper wages and working conditions companies will flee Britain; if Scotland votes for independence it will become a third-world country, it goes on and on.

As low paid workers try to move towards a fairer functioning democracy through the upsurge in trade unionism, fear is not enough to keep them in check.

When the 'silent majority' in general appears to be supportive of this fight-back against our failing system of governance, branding people who fight unfairness as communists, doesn't work anymore.

Unqualified pundits are now experts in economics and peddle lies that go unchallenged by mainstream media. Social media is a haven for unproven comments and dodgy conspiracy theories.

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Scotland will become an economic basket case if it becomes independent, for example. How do they know this nonsense and how can they prove it? Well they don't and they can't. Maybe Scotland will thrive.

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh.

China doesn’t need our £51m foreign aid

The Foreign Office has revealed that the UK sent £51.7m in aid to China last year. Why?

China refuses to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, is holding one million Uighur Muslims in detention camps, continues to threaten Taiwan, is buying coal from Russia, is not going to "phase out" coal and is refusing to contribute to the $1 trillion a year "loss and damage" fund. Aid to China must be stopped along with aid given to countries hostile to the UK.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

Rocky road ahead

Typically of the council, some rocks fall due to high winds in Holyrood Park, so instead of fixing the problem, they spend thousands on fencing off the area. What a waste of money.

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Even more comical, they haven’t moved all the stupid bollards from the roads.

If Edinburgh has a bad winter, you watch all the claims they will get from all the people sliding into them. I’ll put a bet on now, they will be paying out hundreds of thousands in claims.

Roy Reynolds, Edinburgh.

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