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Amid the Downing Street party scandal, Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that Douglas Ross – who has told Boris Johnson to resign – ‘is not a big figure’. The leader of the House of Commons instead named Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, as a ‘really serious and senior figure’.

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Friday, 14th January 2022, 7:00 am
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 12:  Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross poses for a photograph at Holyrood on January 12, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Fraser Bremner - Pool/Getty Images)
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 12: Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross poses for a photograph at Holyrood on January 12, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Fraser Bremner - Pool/Getty Images)

Nicola Archibald

Any Scot who jumps over the dark side and becomes the Tories’ puppet master deserves everything they get .. I suspect wee Dougie has just been given a reality check!

George Bell

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Just shows the smugness of Rees-Mogg as he does not like Scotland and he has never done anything but comment on others. We need to get rid of those single-minded people.

Craig Seath

The honourable member for the 18th century has spoken. All us plebs should remember our place and tug a decent forelock. Mind you, his disdain of Dross I kinda agree with.

Kelly Hastie

Poor Ross, even his forgetfulness about his £30k earnngs is still not enough to merit his southern colleagues’ respect.

Janice Gallie

Not a fan of Dross, but if that is what JRM thinks of Scotland, Scots take note.

Déan Kilpatrick

Seeing these clowns on the ropes is really cheering me.

Donald J Makin

Douglas Ross wouldn't say boo to a goose. For him to speak up shouldn't be taken lightly or dismissed by the Tories. If the quiet ones speak up you need to worry.

Richie Henderson

I always knew the tories would eat themselves. A delight to watch.

Raymond Rose

By extension is Moggy is suggesting that all the Tory MSPs in Holyrood, the entire party in the Scottish Parliament are "not serious" because they all back Ross! That's an incredible accusation... Boom... Well there we have it folks, the utter contempt of the Westminster elite for Scotland and our politicians, even throwing their own under the bus!

Gordon Smith

Much as I hate Tories, Moggie has a point as wee Doogie only represents half a dozen Tories frae Scotland while Moggie has a few more in his posh constituency in Englandshire.

Kate Gibson

Yeah, but he's got a big mouth which he's happy to use when needed to slap down Tories stepping out of line! Not a fan, but good on him for decrying PM.

Charles J Simenoff

Ross is a better referee.

Dave Highley

Even Ruth said Boris should resign. Jacob should give up defending the indefensible. This only goes away if Boris goes away.

Rosie Margaret Owens

Alistair Jack has been curiously silent. One wonders why.

Ally Macdonald

Tbh Boris should go and take the full cabinet with him. They all know if they back him he will keep them in cabinet jobs. It’s all gonna crumble round about them unless they do the right thing.

Graham Alexander

The Tories are history. Corrupt and incompetent. Mired in sleaze. Finished. They need to go away. U- turn after U-turn makes you dizzy in the head.

Bruce Royan

From a far away country of which we know nothing.

James Crawley

But will they listen? Even senior Tories think little of Scotland - time to dump this rotten union.

Vanessa Fletcher

BYOB to your next public service interview and demonstrate no idea of the Nolan Principles. Thanks Mr Ross, the government need a referee as they have no idea what public service is or might look like. Do we think there's an alcohol problem when staff can't tell a drinking session from the office business meeting and bankers get drunk is not a defence?

Brian Shepherd

Boris claims he thought it was a work event. It does not matter what he thought it was, it broke his own government rules, and who actually gets paid to sit in the garden, drink wine and actually do any work? He really thinks the public all button up the back.

Fiona Savage

At what work event are you asked to BYOB? It should not be up to a civil servant to decide if Boris should go. The Tories need to speak up and get rid of Boris

Ewan Cameron

Please stay Boris. You're the greatest advert for independence since Edward I.

Dava Mac

Therefore misleading parliament. Sackable offence.

Louise Wilson

Is there any chance that it was one of those parties that you wake up and have no idea for what happened the night before?

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