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Republicans have intensified their public criticism of former president Donald Trump following an unexpectedly poor showing in the midterm elections, even as he plans to announce a third White House bid.
Republicans are beginning to turn on Donald Trump after election disappointmentRepublicans are beginning to turn on Donald Trump after election disappointment
Republicans are beginning to turn on Donald Trump after election disappointment

Rachel Wooster Gangsei

The Grand Old Party’s grip on reality is slipping. The Emperor has no clothes.

Michelle Yerger

[Donald Trump] hasn't had clothes, policies or scruples from the beginning, but no one saw anything but his bluster, meanness and insults. Now that is all he has to fall back on.

Bill Beveridge

No brains, no scruples, no class.

Noelle Boler

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Truth be told, people are turning away because of the comments he made about Ron DeSantis, the re-elected Governor of Florida. He, and the other Republicans, cleaned house in Florida. He is our favourite now.

Suzanne Stewart

His attacks on Ron DeSantis are destroying him. DeSantis is much loved. I love Trump too but he is royally mucking up.

Petunia Blackenship

He never was or would be good for the USA! Send him to Russia so he can adore Putin.

Jim Swift

Failures are always someone else's fault. He must have gone to Nicola Sturgeon's school of politics.

Lillian Worton Castner

Took long enough. Better late than never.

Dangerous driving

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Investigation launched after Edinburgh cyclist spots Royal Mail workers on their phones while driving

Paul Wilson

The majority of road users using mobile phones are in fact cyclists, typically Deliveroo,Uber eats etc. Not only that, they run red lights, don’t have lights on their cycles and frequently cycle on the pavemen. They also have earphones of sorts, so how can they be aware of what’s going on around them listening to music?

John Anderson

Cyclists should be paying at least insurance policies to be on the roads.

Sam McIntosh

I wonder if he filmed the cycle delivery guy yesterday in Newington, cycling on the pavement, texting and came off his bike when he hit a lamp post!

Ian Stevenson

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I wonder if he films himself running red lights, using pavements when it suits and breaking the 20mph speed limit? Don't get me wrong, texting etc when driving is wrong, but that's the police's job not his.

Sandra McCallum

This should not be about the cyclist. It’s about all these people breaking the law. Accidents are caused everyday by drivers on their phones.

Sam Allan

I see it every day. Drivers either don't realise or don't care how obvious it is that they're looking at their phone. I still see people videoing themselves driving on social media too.

Paul Fowler

I drive a truck all day. If I filmed into all the cars I pass with drivers on their phones it would be in the hundreds and an absolute fortune in fines would be made every single day. Widespread problem is true enough, it’s normal for people to text and drive, they couldn’t care less.

Edinburgh crime

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Six teenagers charged by police after fireworks stolen from Asda in Chesser

Debra Davies

If supermarkets didn't sell them in the first place they wouldn't be there to nick.

Tricia Wootten

Completely right that the thieves were charged, but why isn’t Asda being charged? Fireworks should be under lock and key and not accessible to the public What where the circumstances that allowed these young people to be able to get their hands on them? We need a blanket ban on fireworks altogether.

Angela Macfarlane

Fireworks should be locked away in a safe container, so how did they manage to steal them in first place?

Niddrie watch

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Police to carry out dedicated patrols in Niddrie after a spate of anti-social behaviour

Trevor Brown

Why not spray them with dye, they’ll be easily recognised?

Lorraine Ritchie

Half the parent don’t care or have no control over their kids.

Paula Boral

If parents were responsible for their children's acts and punished with penalties if necessary, then I guarantee they would make sure they know what their bairns are up to.

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