Zahawi criticises outspoken Sturgeon - your views online

Scotland’s first minister has been accused of using ‘dangerous’ language by Nadhim Zahawi after Nicola Sturgeon was asked by Laura Kuenssberg who she would rather have as prime minister.

Rhona McMichael

Dangerous language? What about the dangerous actions of that Tory government? They are dismantling our country! That’s what I class as ‘dangerous’. I detest the Tories and all that they stand for too and any decent human would!

Pamela Mitchell

In other words, she spoke the truth, an alien concept for the Tories. I think she was right to call them out.

Sara Ashby

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If he dislikes people saying they dislike his party and everything it stands for maybe he should change his party, or their policies. It should come as no surprise to him if we had mainstream media that portrayed the truth and not just what their owners want, then vast swathes of the UK are 100 per cent behind her on this.

Steve Perry

Spot on. Does anyone like the Tories or what they've done to the country so far? Fair and popular assessment I would think.

David Paul

People seem too have a problem with truth. Tories and their supporters especially seem to have an issue with the truth. They need to live with that.

Mark Crighton

She’s just saying what everyone else feels in Scotland.

Melanie Mathieson

Strong language for a professional politician. ‘Detest’ is not a good word to use at an interview with Laura Kuenssberg, it gives very negative vibes.

Fionna Downie

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What's dangerous about speaking the truth? The lies we have been told by the Tories are dangerous - they have seriously dangerous consequences.

Yvonne Hart

An honest politician who answered the question.

Johan Hardy

She's only saying what decent people are thinking!

Mary Brady

A clear, authentic comment based on the evidence and experiences of everyone who has had to endure Tory governments for 12 years.

Tom Davidson

That was no way for a politician to behave. She sets Scotland back every time she opens her mouth. I also have no time for Tories but could you imagine this woman on the world stage if we were independent?

Lesley Matson

Only saying what most in Scotland feel about Tories and their policies.

Steven Robertson

I think we would all prefer a Labour UK government.

Scott Waugh

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Agree with Nicola all the way. The Tory government has killed more people with austerity measures. Back our FM who is backing our nurses and wants the best for us, not the rich.

Fiona Hamilton Pow

What is dangerous about this statement?

Joan Summers

She has an absolute right to say what she thinks - as, presumably (since they weren't plastered over the media) did Truss and Thornberry who slagged off the FM “personally” not just her party. So, if it's okay for them it's okay for her, not least because Ms Sturgeon did not attack anyone on a personal basis.

Bobby Clark

Did you make this fuss about Thornberry's comments about 'hating the SNP' or Nandy's comments for a 'Catalonia style' crackdown? No, didn't think so.

Rosalie Bruce

She's right, I agree with her, hate what they are doing to most of us.

Susan Gearing

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I too detest the Tories and everything they stand for. It's way more dangerous not to say, as we have all found out to our cost!

John Mainland

If you remove the word 'Tories' from the sentence and replace it with other collective nouns is it still ok? Scots, women, Christians, etc. Highly paid public servants shouldn't use language that normalises hate, even if it fits their narrow agenda.

Paul Charnley

Why is Zahawi concerned over what someone who his leader has chosen to ignore says? I think from the lack of respect shown to all things Scottish in the House of Commons that we all detest what the Tories stand for.

Paul Thomson

it’s her job to detest the Tories. Wouldn’t be much point in her being the head of the only major party that shows real opposition if she were on board with it.

Thomas Coyote Baxter

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I'm not her biggest fan but do find it funny how this comment she made has been slammed by the media when pretty much every other celebrity has said similar to great applause.

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