Doors Open Days 2023: 17 buildings in Edinburgh whose secrets you can discover on Doors Open Day

A chance to visit and explore buildings which are normally out of bounds

Hundreds of places all over Scotland which are not normally exposed to the public gaze will be letting people see what goes on behind the scenes as part of Doors Open Days 2023.

Visitors are being invited to uncover hidden gems and experience familiar places through fresh eyes. Doors Open Days began in 1990, with 44 events in Glasgow and Ayr. But in the past 33 years the event has expanded to reach all 32 council regions of Scotland with visitors enjoying access to nearly 1,000 events, coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust.

The Doors Open Days events take place on different days in different parts of the country – Midlothian and West Lothian have theirs this weekend, September 9-10; Edinburgh and East Lothian are on September 23-24. All Doors Open Days events and activities are free.

Here is a first look at some of the Edinburgh buildings which will be opening their doors to the public.