Edinburgh dad called Damien who named son Lucifer defends decision

Stock image. The Edinburgh baby named Lucifer made headlines earlier this year. Picture: Shutterstock
Stock image. The Edinburgh baby named Lucifer made headlines earlier this year. Picture: Shutterstock
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The parents of a baby boy named Lucifer have defended the decision to give their child the unique name after it was revealed the father of the tot is called Damien.

Damien, 32, from Edinburgh and his partner, spoke out after receiving abuse online when the name made the news in March.

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The couple told The Scottish Sun the peculiar title means little Lucifer will not need to dress up on Halloween as “he can go as himself”.

The father explained to the newspaper how he got his own name from his white witch gran and wanted something unusual for his son.

He said: “I thought my name was unusual, but then you started hearing more Damiens about.

“I was trying to think of a name that stands out.

“I looked it up. Our first child born four years ago was going to be called Lucifer but she was a girl so we called her Lucy.

“I wasn’t too sure about Lucifer but eventually said, ‘I want this name’. It would have been even better if he was born on Halloween.”

Another title for Satan, the name Lucifer was discovered to have been given to one child in the whole of Scotland when the Registrars of Scotland released a list of all the baby names for newborns in 2018.

The couple told of their shock when they found their wee boy's name splashed all over the papers.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun the mum, 31, said: “Damien went to the shop and when he came back he was like, ‘Lucifer’s in the paper’.

“I went online and people were saying I’m a bad mother — do they judge if kids are called Michael or Gabriel? He’s our morning star.”

Lucifer's mother insisted the couple "are not Satanists."

They chose to remain anonymous in the interview for fear of more abuse online.

Damien, who has a son by a previous partner who is also called Damien, told of The Omen’s role in his own name.

He said: “My mum’s mother got married at The Witchery restaurant in Edinburgh.

"They found out my mum was pregnant and asked her to call me Damien and they bought the cot for that — I was meant to be called David. My nanny was into all that good witch stuff.”

In 1976 horror The Omen, a wealthy diplomat unwittingly adopts an orphaned baby who turns out to be the spawn of Satan, complete with a ‘666’ hidden on his scalp.

He added: “I got comments like, ‘Have you got 666 on the back of your head?’"