Edinburgh family appeals for funds to give 'best mum in the world' Leila Scott the send off she deserves

A family from Edinburgh is appealing for funds to give their mum the funeral she deserves after she suddenly died a few days ago at age 44.

Leila Scott, who had underlying health conditions, passed away at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on Tuesday last week

Now daughter Karly has set up an online fundraiser in an appeal for help to raise the £6,000 she needs to pay for the funeral costs as there were no plans in place in the event of her mum’s death.

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So far the 24-year-old, from Moredun, Gilmerton, has collected £2,040 with her GoFundMe campaign and she is looking to raise as much as possible.

Karly with her mum Leila who passed away suddenly last week.

It has been a very difficult time for Karly as she is not only grieving the loss of her mum, but she is also unemployed and has two young children of her own to look after.

She is also in the process of applying for legal guardianship of her brother Lennox, who is just 13.

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Karly said she and her younger brother were very close to their mum and her sudden death came as a complete shock.

“When I got the phone call at 4am to say she had been taken into hospital, no-one expected this to be the outcome,” she said.

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Karly pictured with her mum Leila and brother Lennox.

"They said she was in a stable, but critical condition, but then a short time later they told me they thought she was going to die.

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"She was the kindest soul and she always put me and my little brother first. Everyone thinks they have the best mum in the world, but she really was. She just turned 44 on April 10. It was a complete shock.”

Karly explained why she decided to organise the fundraiser. She said: “I am only 24 and a single mum of two young kids and I am unemployed at the moment.

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"I get Universal Credit, but it’s not enough to be able to afford for a funeral and I have no savings.

Leila and Lennox
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"It just came into my head to set up a GoFundMe page as an option. I was thinking about taking out a loan, but the last thing I need – and my mum would want – is for me to be in debt due to this.

"I set it up on Friday only set a fundraising goal for £1,000 because I didn’t even expect to reach that to be honest. We have been given an estimate of £6,000-7,000 for the funeral and it is a lot of money, which I just don’t have.

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"I just didn’t expect the fundraiser to take off in the way it has and I am just so grateful for any help I can get.”

Karly continued: “I have only ever had my mum – it has always just been me and my mum and my little brother.

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Leila pictured with Karly's two children, Cody, 3, and Freya, 1.

"She was always there for me, but now I am the one being relied on – I am my brother’s only person now. I need to stay strong.”

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She added: “I just appreciate any amount of donations I can raise to help cover some of the costs. Anything that anyone is willing to donate is more than appreciated.”

To make a donation to the fundraiser, visit here