Edinburgh trams maps outside Omni Centre criticised by locals after Leith spelled wrong

The spelling error left locals unimpressed

Edinburgh locals have been left unimpressed by new maps which are set to be installed in the city centre.

The signs, which are sitting outside the Omni Centre, have a map showing the new Trams to Newhaven route, but they also contain a glaring spelling error. Instead of giving the time it takes to walk to Leith Walk, locals were surprised to see ‘Lieth Walk’ instead.

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One Twitter user said: “These Omni yet to be unwrapped Edinburgh maps look great. And they’d be even better if someone looked up how to spell Leith,” adding: “Determined not to turn this account into that of a pedant. But, come on guys, it’s taxpayers’ money - proofread away.”

New Edinburgh maps built outside Omni Centre misspell Leith. Credit: @hootsyhoots

A Council spokesperson confirmed that a spelling mistake has been identified on one of the new Edinburgh Wayfinding totems and this will be rectified.