Giant hopscotch game with over 880 squares set to stretch length of Edinburgh street as sunny weather continues

The sun is continuing to shine down on Edinburgh with no sign of rain, which can only mean one thing...

More chalk-drawn squares being added to a giant hopscotch game which runs from the bottom of Leamington Terrace, where it meets Gimore Place, towards Bruntsfield Place.

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Giant hopscotch game runs 'about 200 yards' up Edinburgh street as community kee...
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The game was started by landscape architect and urban designer Jenny Elliott, whose work typically focusses on public spaces and relates to public life and community.

The giant hopscotch game runs nearly the whole length of Leamington Terrace.

She said: “During lockdown, in a personal capacity and my spare time, I’ve been thinking how I can help connect people and community in a positive way (whilst ensuring physical distancing).

“The hopscotch was one way to do this, as it allows people to add squares whilst out on their daily exercise or hop up the hill. It’s been amazing to see so many people adding to it and writing really lovely messages of thanks to the NHS and drawings too.”

As of Monday, Jenny said 888 squares had been drawn along the pavement and that the hopscotch game was “almost at the top of the street.”

With another day of sunshine and no rain and some more good weather forecast, it looks likely that the game will reach the top of the hill.

The hopscotch is getting closer to the top of the street.

A paper sign on a house door near the bottom of the street urges passers-by to “take a chalk for hopscotch” and “add some squares” as they walk up the hill, adding: “And see if we can make it to the top (Bruntsfield Place) before it rains.”

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Jenny has also been working on a photo series called Looking For Rainbows, which aims to document images of rainbows being displayed in windows with a captioned message of hope from their creators alongside. Her project can also be found on Instagram (@_Looking_For_Rainbows) and she currently has 15 rainbow stories but is hoping to reach 100.

Speaking on Saturday, another local resident said of the massive hopscotch game in Leamington terrace: “I think it's absolutely brilliant that local kids and families are doing this. It, along with all the other messages chalked for the NHS and other essential workers, always bring a smile to my face.

“I encountered this at the end of a 10km walk around Gorgie, Dalry and Polwarth early this morning and saw a number of such messages. Wonderful!”