Greyhound fighting for his life after 'unprovoked' bite from Alsatian in South Queensferry park

His owner has launched a Crowdfunder.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 2:02 pm

A greyhound is fighting for his life after an attack from another dog in a public park in South Queensferry.Rosemary Veitch, 68, has launched an online fundraiser to help with the cost of vet care for wounded dog Stevie.

Stevie was bitten when Ms Veitch took him to play with a football in King George V park in South Queensferry around 10am on Hogmanay.

Although the dog is “not at all aggressive”, Ms Veitch always puts a muzzle on him when in a park to stop him damaging his football, which he plays with by rolling it along the ground.

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Stevie before and after his injury.

Ms Veitch was about to bring Stevie home when a man with two dogs, one an Alsatian, entered the park.

The Alsatian approached Stevie “out of nowhere” and bit his leg, Ms Veitch said.

Stevie, who could not defend himself due to the muzzle, yelped and ran off.

The man left the park with his dogs, saying to Ms Veitch that he would be back soon.

Stevie's dressings must be changed every day.

When Ms Veitch managed to catch Stevie he was “gushing with blood”.

He had a serious bite to his right front leg, which has required several rounds of skin graft surgery and may still result in him needing to be put to sleep.

The owner of the Alsatian returned and drove Ms Veitch and Stevie to the vet, but said that as he has no insurance he could do nothing more.

“He kept saying he was sorry, but he didn’t have insurance so it has all landed on me,” said Ms Veitch.

Stevie was badly wounded by the bite.

“My insurance was pretty comprehensive but it only covers so much.”

Ms Veitch’s pet insurance is capped at £7,000 and she has to pay an excess every time a new treatment is needed.

Stevie’s injury is so severe that he has needed constant vet care and several operations.

He has had two skin grafts, one unsuccessful and one only partially successful.

Stevie with his owner Rosemary Veitch in South Queensferry.

Ms Veitch has now launched an online fundraiser for £5,000 to go towards further care.

Stevie is waiting for another operation in the next few days.

If it is unsuccessful it may mean his leg must be amputated, or he may have to be put down as he cannot continue with such a large open wound.

“It’s just a nightmare, his life is hanging in the balance,” said Ms Veitch.

“The man must have seen us, and the dog should have had a muzzle on him.

“It could have been a child that this happened to.”

Greyhound Stevie is now receiving constant care.

Four-year-old ex-racer Stevie has been with Ms Veitch for two and a half years.

“He’s such a good dog, he doesn’t deserve this,” she said.

Stevie is currently visited at home every day by a vet who gives him sedatives and changes his dressing.

“Westport vets have been absolutely outstanding, I don’t know what I would have done without them,” said Ms Veitch.

"Stevie would like nothing more than to be back at the park chasing and heading his football. This is what he lives for... and to eat tasty food and treats!” added Ms Veitch’s son Daniel.

“What he has endured has left a once cheeky happy chappy incredibly sad, stuck at home all day.”

For more information and to donate to the fundraiser click here.