Lewis Capaldi reveals parking space row with ex-Hibs and Celtic boss Neil Lennon and house hunting with Ed Sheeran

In an exclusive interview with Forth 1, Lewis Capaldi shares a series of celebrity encounters – including house hunting with Ed Sheeran, a car parking row with former Hibs manager Neil Lennon, and a night out with Nick Knowles.

Meeting with Forth 1 DJ Garry Spence to discuss new single Forget Me, the 25-year-old from Whitburn in West Lothian reveals that fellow chart star Sheeran is costing him thousands of pounds.

The Someone You Loved hitmaker recalls considering Sheeran’s property knowledge to be sound, gladly taking his advice and purchasing a property.

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“I moved in, and it was an absolute tip, I hated it,” Capaldi says, laughing. “So now, I live in a flat in the West End and I’m renovating that house, and it’s honestly the biggest stress of my life.”

In an exclusive interview with Forth 1, Lewis Capaldi shares a series of celebrity encounters.

Living in the West End of Glaagow has similarly not been without its trials, however, as Capaldi recounts parking in former Hibs and Celtic manager Neil Lennon’s space several times and apologising on air.

Laughing, Celtic fan Capaldi explains: “I parked in his space a couple of times, and I got notes on my car door. So, if you’re listening Neil, I apologise – just ask me to move it and I’ll move it!”

Reflecting on the response he has received during his most recent tour, the singer says he was humbled by the continued response to his first album,

released in 2019, and expresses his renewed passion for performing.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it,” Capaldi says, reflecting on his skyrocket to fame. “I still live in Glasgow, I haven’t jetted off to the Hollywood Hills quite yet, so I think if I don’t think about it all too much, I’m okay.”

When asked by Spence what his ultimate dream would be, Lewis responds by saying he’d love to sell out Hampden and would consider it a true mark of his success if he was the next coveted guest act for Coldplay.

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Discussing Coldplay’s recent Hampden concert in August, Capaldi says: “That’s the goal for this album – to get to the point where I can get invited onto the stage by Coldplay.”

Listen to Lewis Capaldi’s full interview on Forth 1 on Thursday, September 15 at 4pm

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