Yungblud says nights out with pal Lewis Capaldi are ‘carnage’

Yungblud has revealed that whenever he goes out partying with Lewis Capaldi it is ‘carnage’ – with the pair not getting home until 6am.

The pop-punk singer – real name is Dominic Harrison – says he loves going on boozy nights out with the West Lothian chart sensation, and they keep going until the wee small hours.

Speaking to the The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, the Doncaster-born rocker said: “It’s carnage. The beer taps get drunk dry, to be honest.

"We always end up behind the bar. If we’re drinking, we come in for a quiet drink and the pubs of the UK drag us behind the bar and we’re out until 6am.

Yungblud, left, has revealed that whenever goes out partying with Lewis Capaldi, right, it is ‘carnage’.


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“Then my manager’s trying to wake me up in bed because I’ve got an interview at ten.

“He’s like, ‘What happened?’ And I’m like, ‘I was out with Lewis again ... ’”

Yungblud and Capaldi first became pals while the two were searching for a record deal – and they even shared a flat together in London.

The Fleabag hitmaker, who has worked with the likes of Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, reckons they’ll be boozing together into old age.


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He said: “We’ve always been the same. We knew each other before any success.

“It’s important to find friends who know you before anything and I think we’ll always be behind the bar in some pub until we’re 70.”

Last week, Scott Mills enlisted Capaldi to deliver the news he is leaving Radio 1 to replace Steve Wright on Radio 2.

In a video he shared on Twitter, Lewis can be seen saying: “They’ve asked me to do this for them, and unfortunately I’m afraid that it’s true that Scott Mills and Chris Stark are going to be leaving Radio 1.


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“Which is a shame, I know you’re all screaming at the television, or radio I should probably say, you’re throwing things.”

He added: “It is a shame, I’m going to miss the boys, they’ve been a big massive help to me and instrumental in my career.”

Capaldi reassured fans that “everything is going to be OK” and that the situation would be explained on their Radio 1 show on Monday at 1pm.