Northern Lights Edinburgh: Aurora Borealis may be visible in Scottish skies on Friday as stormy weather hits Scotland

The aurora borealis is expected to be seen in Scotland on Friday night, according to the Met Office.

The Met Office’s space and weather forecast predicts that the Northern Lights will be visible in Scotland on Friday night (September 30).

According to the weather forecaster, a fast stream of solar wind will return, bringing an increased chance of views of the aurora across Scotland.

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The lights may only be visible in Northern areas of Scotland, however, if the conditions are right, they could be seen throughout the country.

In recent years, locals have spotted the dazzling array of colour in skies above Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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One Edinburgh photographer woke up at 4am to capture a shot of the lights over Belhaven Bay in East Lothian in 2020.

Those wanting to view the phenomenon may want to head out of the city, as light pollution can ruin the view.

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The Northern Lights may be visible in some parts of Scotland on Friday night. (Photo credit: Cat Perkinton / SWNS)

Remote areas facing the northern horizon are typically the best spots for spotting the aurora borealis, while ideal conditions are when the sky is dark and clear of any clouds.

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The spectacle occurs when charged particles in the solar wind collide with molecules in the Earth's upper atmosphere, creating patterns of colourful lights in the sky.

It is usually visible in countries that are close to the centre of the Arctic Circle, such as Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. However, occasionally, the aurora can be seen further south.

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The northern lights are most active in March, April, September, and October – during the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.