Outlander Jamie Fraser actor Sam Heughan admits to reading ‘quite explicit' fan fiction relating to his character

Sam Heughan has admitted he’s read fan fiction relating to his Outlander character online – and the Scottish star says it’s “usually quite explicit”.

The former Edinburgh resident, who plays Jamie Fraser in the hit time-travelling drama series, was asked the question in a new interview with men's luxury lifestyle magazine Square Mile.

The 42-year-old star admitted he has read fan fiction, saying: “I may have seen some. When someone’s said, ‘Oh my God, you have to read this.’

“They’re very creative. Very good imagination. Usually quite explicit as well.

Sam Heughan, who plays Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in Outlander, admits to reading fan fiction relating to his character.

“From what I remember, it’s usually Jamie Fraser doing very physical things to his wife.

“The fans are very imaginative. They go into great, great detail. They write scenes for us, the way they think things should have been shot or made. I always find that quite fascinating.”

The Balmaclellan-born star admitted it’s something he's been thinking a lot about recently, with rumours Outlander’s seventh season, which is set to air in May 2023, could be the last.

“What will I miss? I’ll miss the camaraderie, the people, the routine,” he said.

“The routine is pretty tough, pretty full on. But there’s something wonderful about it, going to work every day, you know you all are going to be fucked but the end.

“It’s hard work, it’s full on, but you’re all in it together.

“So I guess that camaraderie and being around people you enjoy being around.”

Earlier this year, Heughan talked about the possibility of his character being killed off in Outlander – and he admitted it may not be long in coming.

In an interview with Gold Derby, he said: “I think about his mortality. I think Jamie thinks about that a lot more now.”

“He’s not worried about dying, but I think it’s the consequences of dying.”

Fraser has cheated death several times since the beginning of the series, and Heughan reckons his character has used seven of his nine lives.

Heughan said: “We talk about Jamie’s nine lives… I think he’s had about seven or six of them.

“Each time it costs him more, you know? It’s an interesting one because I think it’s in the scripts but I think it’s [also] in Diana’s books.”

Earlier this year, the prequel Outlander series was announced – and Starz has since confirmed it will be called Blood Of My Blood and will follow the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents.

Since then, Heughan has said his version of Jamie won’t be making an appearance in the series, telling his legions of fans: “All I can tell you is I’m not in it, as Jamie’s not in it!”

Elsewhere in the interview with Gold Derby, Heughan discussed his sex scenes with his onscreen wife – and the Scots heartthrob admits he ‘enjoys those moments’ with actress Caitriona Balfe.

Recalling a scene from season six, he said: “When he comes back from being away, I remember even choreographing that scene.

“He throws his jacket at Mrs Bug and jumps up the stairs and just the sheer pace of it, and the lightness he’s got in him."

“I really enjoy those moments,” Heughan added.

On October 25, Heughan is set to release his first ever memoir.

In Waypoints, he sets out along the West Highland Way to explore his life and reflect on the personal waypoints that define him.

Speaking about the book recently, he said: “Waypoints is a memoir with a difference.

“I wanted to tell the stories and share the experiences that have shaped me, but to do that I needed to challenge myself and spend some time in my own company, away from the distractions of everyday life.

“And for me there's no better place to reflect than in the wild Scottish Highlands.”

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