Outlander’s Jamie Fraser actor Sam Heughan will read you a calming bedtime story on this meditation app

Scottish actor is the latest celebrity to try and lull listeners into a satisfying night's sleep

Outlander actor Sam Heughan is the latest celebrity read a bedtime story on a popular meditation and wellness app.

The Balmaclellan-born actor, who plays Jamie Fraser in the hit time-travel series, has collaborated with meditation brand Calm to read a sleep story titled, 'My Heart In The Highlands'.

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Heughan, who fell in love with acting after moving to Edinburgh as a teenager, isn’t the only famous voice you’ll find on Calm.

Outlander actor Sam Heughan is the latest celebrity read a bedtime story on a popular meditation and wellness app.

The wellness app has also enlisted the likes of Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and more for its Sleep Stories, whimsical tales meant to lull listeners into a peaceful slumber.

Heughan, 42, announced on social media he will be narrating a story for the app titled 'My Heart In The Highlands' as a bedtime story to help users get to sleep at night.

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He wrote in the post: “Let me take you on a romantic journey through Scotland... that hopefully you’ll never complete.

“May I send you into a restful Scottish Slumber with my new @Calm Sleep Story.”

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Last week, Heughan took to social media to congratulate pal Tom Kitchin after the restaurateur’s Edinburgh eaterie was named among the best in the UK.

It came after trusted UK guide Harden's released its hotly-anticipated list of the 100 top restaurants in the UK for 2023.

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Three Capital venues made the cut. The Kitchin in Edinburgh is ranked 5th in the UK, while the capital’s Restaurant Martin Wishart was 14th with The Little Chartroom, also in Edinburgh, at number 31.

Posting on Twitter, Heughan wrote: “Congrats buddy, to you and the whole team! So well deserved.”

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Last year, Heughan opened up about his family’s move to Edinburgh when he was a teenager – saying it was like a “like a whole new world for him”.

He moved from his native Dumfries and Galloway to the Scottish capital at the age of 12.

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In his new memoir Waypoints, which currently tops the New York Times bestseller list, he talks about what it was like to be uprooted from a quiet community to a bustling city.

In a chapter titled ‘The Wake-Up Call’, Heughan reveals that his family moved to Edinburgh so his mother could enrol at Edinburgh College of Art.

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He writes: “After years of living in a quiet community, my mother, my brother and I packed our belongings for what felt like a whole new world.

“Swapping the stable and the castle ruins for a suburban street in Edinburgh, we set about settling in for this new chapter in our lives.

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“It was a big change, but also hugely exciting for two young lads like Cirdan and me. I had just finished at my little primary school, so I started high school at the same time as all my new classmates.

“It was a little overwhelming to begin with, but since I could now see without the dreaded glasses, I soon started to make friends and feel comfortable in a crowd.”

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The 12-year-old Heughan attended James Gillespie's High School, which he recalls as having “very strong on rules and discipline”.

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