Here are 11 statues, street names and buildings that have links to slavery and colonialism

Edinburgh statues: 11 key statues, buildings and street names with a history of slavery and colonialism

The independent review of Edinburgh’s past role in slavery and colonialism led by Professor Sir Geoff Palmer has highlighted statues, buildings and streets with links to that part of the Capital’s history.

The city council has accepted the review’s recommendation that the statues, buildings and street names should be kept rather than removed or changed, but that they should be “re-presented” to explain the nature and consequences of their association with slavery or colonialism.

It is expected to mean new plaques or interpretation boards to spell out some aspects of Edinburgh’s history which has often been glossed over.

“The report is clear – putting up plaques is what we should do rather than knock things down,” said Sir Geoff, a well-known human rights campaigner who was Scotland’s first black professor and is now Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University.

Here are some of the key sites around the Capital with links to slavery or colonialism:

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