17 Edinburgh transport projects coming down the track, including more trams, parking charges and car bans

Low emission zone, workplace parking levy, controlled parking zones and tram extensions – what else is on Edinburgh’s list of transport projects?

From trams to cycle lanes to road closures, travel within Edinburgh has seen dramatic changes over the past decade – and there’s more to come.

Controlled Parking Zones are gradually being rolled out across many parts of the city, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are being piloted in others, and the Low Emission Zone, designed to improve air quality by removing the worst-polluting vehicles from the centre of the city, will come into effect next summer.

But there could also be a Workplace Parking Levy, more trams and perhaps even the return of a cycle hire scheme. So just what is planned and where is everything up to? Here are 17 projects you can look forward to – or not.

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