Stunt bike star Danny’s shoes ready to fly out the shops

THEY are usually destroyed by his daredevil bike stunts and have an average life span of just a week.

Now Danny MacAskill has come up with a unique solution to his footwear woes by designing his own durable sports shoes.

The biking star – who shot to fame after posting a YouTube video in 2009 which showed him cycling up and down trees, along railings and jumping off roofs – has teamed up with manufacturer Five Ten to produce the sturdy shoes, which are designed to withstand the toughest of challenges.

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The Five Ten Danny MacAskill Signature Model shoes are due to be launched this week at the Eurobike event in Germany and will be on sale next spring.

Mr MacAskill, 25, said the shoes were six months in the planning. He said: “I have been struggling for years riding my bike with ordinary shoes.

“If I go out riding with a normal pair of skate shoes, they have worn out in a week or so.

“Often my pedals would wear through the bottom of my shoes and I would get wet feet on rainy days.

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“I’ve often had to go into places like tourist information offices to get cardboard to put into the bottom of my shoes.”

Mr MacAskill said he had been heavily involved in the design stages, even down to the colour scheme as he preferred “subtle” over bright.

The shoes are designed to offer better protection and padding around the heel, which is an area Mr MacAskill often bruises when out on his bike.

He said: “I’ve been very lucky to be working with this company to make a shoe specific to my cycling needs.

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“I’ve made sure these aren’t going to do the same as all the other shoes. If they can last with me riding my bike, I feel it’s a good gauge that they can last for anybody.”

Mr MacAskill has just returned from Canada, where he has been filming for the past seven weeks.

Unfortunately, while out there, he aggravated a knee injury and will be taking some time off this winter.

Five Ten founder and chief executive Charles Cole said: “We are huge fans of Danny. He epitomises what our Brand of the Brave is all about – skill, strength and the true sense of adventure.”