Bonfire Night weather in Edinburgh: What will the weather be like during fireworks displays in Edinburgh?

Plan your Bonfire Night celebrations with confidence by finding out what the weather will be like this weekend.

Bonfire Night is one of the few celebrations for this time of year when you really need to be outside.

Fireworks and bonfires need plenty of space to enjoy them – and ideally clear skies so you can fully see the sparkling show up above.

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Here’s what the weather is expected to do on Bonfire Night and over the weekend, so you can plan your celebrations ahead of time.

Plan your Bonfire Night ahead of time with the latest weather news. Photo: rabbit75_cav / Canva Pro.
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What will the weather be like in Edinburgh for Bonfire Night?

Friday will be mostly cloudy and mainly dry during the day, with the odd spot of rain possible in the southwest.

This will hopefully mean that the ground won’t be too wet if you do head out for any fireworks displays in the evening.

Some sunshine will also possibly make an appearance along the east coast, with maximum temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius.

In the evening, the sun is expected to set around 4.25pm.

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The evening will be largely dry and clear, with temperatures of around 10 degrees Celsius.

What will the weather be like in Edinburgh over the weekend?

Saturday will be a little wetter than Friday, with strong winds bringing in the rain during the day on Saturday.

It’s due to turn drier and somewhat brighter in the afternoon, just in time for any Saturday night Bonfire Night celebrations.

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Saturday will also enjoy slightly warmer temperatures, reaching up to 12 degrees Celsius and down to just seven degrees.

It’s predicted to be dry and breezy on Sunday, with highs of 10 degrees Celsius and lows of five.

To kick off next week, Monday morning is set to be dry, with the rain holding off until the afternoon and evening at the beginning of the week.