Edinburgh weather: Heavy rain and strong winds to hit Edinburgh later this week

Autumnal weather will arrive in Edinburgh on Friday, with heavy rain and strong winds forecast.

The Met Office has warned the public that the “windiest and wettest weather” of the week is expected to hit the country on Friday.

While Edinburgh will see relatively mild conditions on Wednesday and Thursday, the weather is likely to turn by the end of the week.

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According to the Met Office forecast, Wednesday will be partly cloudy, while Thursday will be cloudy in the morning, with light rain showers expected to fall in the afternoon.

Friday will also start off cloudy, however, heavy rain is forecast for most of the afternoon. Strong winds will also hit the Capital during this time.

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Daniel Rudman, Deputy Chief Meteorologist for the Met Office said: “On Friday it looks as though a deeper area of low pressure will move into the northwest of the UK. This means that many can expect a more notably wet and windy spell, for a time on Friday, than we’ve seen so far this autumn. However, this is nothing unusual for the time of year.”

“At this time of year, knock-on effects from the Atlantic tropical cyclone season can lower confidence when forecasting more than a few days ahead, and so the exact timings for rainfall and wind strengths for Friday may vary throughout the week.”

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Heavy rainfall is expected to hit Edinburgh on Friday.

He advised anyone who is planning on heading outdoors this weekend to keep an eye on the forecast, and said: “The best thing you can do if you’ve got outdoor plans is make sure you’re always using the most up to date forecast.”