Ukraine conflict: Volodymyr Zelensky says Russian peace talks sound more realistic as MoD state Russia advance in Ukraine 'stymied'

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has indicated progress in the peace talks with Russia.

Talks between Ukraine and delegates from Moscow took place on Tuesday with the Ukrainian President issuing a video address last night on the round of negotiations.

He told those watching “the positions in the negotiations already sound more realistic.” but added that “time is still needed for the decisions to be in the interests of Ukraine”.

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In the address he said: “Our delegation also worked on this in negotiations with the Russian party. Pretty good, as I was told. But let's see. They will continue tomorrow.

"As before, the enemy is confused. They did not expect such resistance.

"They believed in their propaganda, which has been lying about us for decades. They still can't recollect themselves. But they have already begun to understand that they will not achieve anything by war.

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"Their soldiers know this. Their officers are aware of this. They flee the battlefield. They abandon equipment.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has indicated progress in the peace talk with Russia (Photo by HANDOUT/UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SER/AFP via Getty Images)

"We take trophies and use them to protect Ukraine. Today, Russian troops are, in fact, one of the suppliers of equipment to our army. They could not imagine such a thing in a nightmare."

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Talks between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators are set to continue later with Mr Zelesnky confirming that talks would continue tomorrow.

President Zelensky will also address US Congress today.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) says Russia’s advance in Ukraine has been stymied by a lack of manoeuvrability, which has been “adeptly exploited” by the Ukrainian forces.

In its latest defence intelligence update, the MoD wrote on Twitter: “Russian forces are struggling to overcome the challenges posed by Ukraine’s terrain.

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“Russian forces have remained largely tied to Ukraine’s road network and have demonstrated a reluctance to conduct off-road manoeuvre. The destruction of bridges by Ukrainian forces has also played a key role in stalling Russia’s advance.

“Russia’s continued failure to gain control of the air has drastically limited their ability to effectively use air manoeuvre, further limiting their options.

“The tactics of the Ukrainian armed forces have adeptly exploited Russia’s lack of manoeuvre, frustrating the Russian advance and inflicting heavy losses on the invading forces.”